We can’t believe it either, but it’s finally here. Family vacays and summer camps have come and gone, and we’re all getting a little more used to the idea of packing up those backpacks and getting the kids back to school. To ease the panic in those last few weeks, we teamed up with Acer to bring you 6 back to school tips to keep things cool and sane as you prep the kids for a new year AND find time to have a little fun along the way. Scroll below to see our 6 top tips.

1. Start organizing your calendar with important school year dates, (first day of school, curriculum nights, back to school BBQs, and so on) so once the day comes you’re all set and won’t miss a beat.

2. Check out new library books and set aside a reading time routine. This will get kids excited about reading again and lessen the shock of the homework schedule!

3. Survey your kids’ closets and have a dress up party to see what still fits and what new items you need to add to your online shopping list. No high-waters for this first day of school crew! Plus, you can pass on your too-small clothes to other families in need. Win, win.

4. Start to develop a good back to school sleep routine early by setting bedtime and wake up time a week early for a much smoother first day back.

5. Order all your notebooks, pens, and other back to school supplies online to save time and skip the in-store crowds.

6. Don’t forget to have some fun! Throw a family backyard campout or BBQ to savor and celebrate the final days of summer!

Ready to make the most of the last few weeks of Summer? Grab an Acer laptop and blast through your list in no time.

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