With the temperature dropping, winter colds might just be right around the corner. But the answer to staying healthy throughout the fall could be found in a simple food choice. According to Frida Harju, the in-house nutritionist at health and fitness app Lifesum, fruits and vegetables are essential to your diet every season. And that’s because they contain plenty of antioxidants to boost immunity (to fight off the office cold), prevent chronic diseases from developing and reduce inflammation caused by training (looking at you, marathon season).

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Harju adds, “While most scientists agree that it is best to eat vegetables and fruits whole, most of us won’t consume as much as we should, which is why juicing is a great way to get all of your required fruit and vegetables quickly. Plus, you might not enjoy the taste of certain foods and avoid them, skipping on essential nutrition, and juicing is a great way to amend this.”

With the cold-pressed juice craze hot and heavy right now, we rounded up our favorites you should add to your fridge to get you through the fall.


1. Daily Greens: Founded by a breast cancer survivor who saw first-hand the effects living a healthy lifestyle had on her recovery, every bottle of Daily Greens consists of a blend of organic, nutrient-rich dark leafy greens and lighter, juicier greens.


2. Suja: As a leader in the organic and non-GMO cold-pressed beverage space, it’s not surprising Suja has entered the vinegar market, expanding their probiotic offerings. These flavorful and zesty drinking vinegars deliver juice-forward taste while incorporating the numerous benefits of organic apple cider vinegar. The vinegars specifically are made with cold-pressed fruits and vegetables and organic apple cider vinegar, and come in five flavors.


3. Blue Organic: Blue Organic offers several juice options with ingredients that have been proven to boost immunity — including those rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and probiotics. Check out their kombucha drinks like Raise the Roots and Kale-a-lu-ya to add an extra punch of antioxidants to your diet.

moon juice

4. Moon Juice: This west-coast company doesn’t want to just sell you a juice; it wants to help you holistically heal. Founded by a world-traveling chef and mama, Moon Juice comes in a variety of flavors. Once you’ve found your favorite, check out their milks, dusts and other tasty bites.


5. Jus by Julie: This Brooklyn-based company and celeb fave slings some of the most delicious juice east of the Mississippi. Juices come in 25 flavors, including Squash-Kin Spice and Spicy Lemonade, and are all blended, never cold pressed. And, if you’re really feeling the benefits, you can opt into one of their one-, three- or five-day cleanses.


6. Pickle Juice: Calling all endurance athletes — this out-of-the-ordinary juice might be just what you need to relax muscle cramps and boost electrolytes. Coming in a two-and-a-half fluid ounce bottle, you can shoot the juice immediately post-workout to help alleviate cramps or drink it before to help prevent cramps.

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