As you prepare your stomach for these post-Thanksgiving corn fritters, it’s also worth preparing yourself for a time-honored tradition: spending time with your SO’s family during the holidays. Whether you’ve already won them over or it’s your first family invite, use these six tips to survive holidays with the (almost) in-laws.

Happy anniversary mum and dad!

1. Be yourself. The pressure of having family around can bring out your perfectionist side, but take heart in the fact that your S.O. chose to bring you along for a reason.

2. Bring your own traditions to the table. You might be participating in a new family’s world during the holidays, but you’re allowed to bring your own traditions with you. Bring a family recipe or recommend a family game to show your S.O.’s crew an important part of who you are.

3. But respect theirs too. Every family has its quirks — whether they manifest themselves as people, food or traditions. Take in the way your boo’s family celebrates the holidays: You might soon be a part of it!

4. Rack up some brownie points. Literally. The way to his family’s hearts could very well be through their stomach. So don’t show up to the festivities empty-handed.

5. Take time for the two of you. If your S.O. has a big family, remember to take time to enjoy the holiday by yourselves. For example, try opening your Christmas presents alone or going on a Thanksgiving morning walk — who knows, you might end up starting a tradition of your own!

6. Be thankful. Being around another family can be overwhelming and even challenging, but know that bringing you along is a huge step in your relationship. Celebrate it!

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