If you take comfort in anything in this life, let it be that sometimes you grow up to know better. Sure, we all had crushes on TV shows and movie characters back in the ’90s, and while sometimes the things you loved when you were younger will remain favorites in your adult life, more often, you’re left wondering what in the world you were thinking. It’s time to get rid of those googly eyes for Jared Leto’s dreamy Jordan Catalano character in My So-Called Life — here are some of the dudes you loved who turned out to be duds.

1. Jordan Catalano: Jared Leto played the perfectly distant, aloof, plays-in-a-band high school crush. And did we mention those eyes? But as we came to learn, even when Angela got him, that’s really all there was to him. No thank you. (Image via Giphy)

2. Troy Dyer: Ethan Hawke’s Reality Bites character might have wooed Lainey, especially in comparison to the snooty suit played by Ben Stiller, but as you age, you realize having a job is actually a good thing, Troy. (Image via Giphy)

3. Jesse Wallace: And while we’re on the topic of terrible Ethan Hawke characters, how about this cute, sensitive mansplaining mess from Before Sunrise? (Image via Giphy)

4. Sam Coulson: Look, we know Drew Barrymore’s character wasn’t actually a 17-year-old high school student in Never Been Kissed. But her teacher did NOT before making things all sorts of weird. Not cool, Sam! (Image via Giphy)

5. Dawson Leery: A big, fat, negging, negative NOPE. (Image via Giphy)

6. Cameron James: Sure, Cameron in 10 Things I Hate About You seems like the nice nerd, but he’s just desperate to get in Bianca’s pants and is kind of a jerk trying to get there. (Image via Giphy)

7. Zach Siler: Freddie Prinze Jr. is the lovable, perfect high school everydude in She’s All That, and then he goes and makes a creepy makeover project of Rachel Leigh Cook’s Laney. Ew. (Image via Giphy)

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(Featured photo via ABC)