The 1980s might get a bad rap when it comes to hair, but there are plenty of ways to channel the decade of neon eyeshadow, original Nintendo and acid wash without looking like something out of The Wedding Singer. (Heck, even skorts are having a renaissance!) Here are 17 of our favorite modern takes on 鈥80s hairstyles 鈥 no Aqua Net required.

Purple High Ponytail 80s Hairstyle

1. High Ponytail: Beyonc茅 brought this sleek, playful style back with a vengeance at this year鈥檚 Met Gala. You can rock it too 鈥 even if you don鈥檛 have extensions. (via Brit + Co)

Accessorized Braids 80s Hairstyle

2. Accessorized Braids: If you鈥檙e wary of committing to hair dye, weave some strands of colorful yarn into a fishtail braid. (via A Beautiful Mess)


3. Mohawk: Punk rockers aren鈥檛 the only ones who can pull off this edgy 鈥80s 鈥榙o. (Exhibit A: Rihanna) (via StayGlam)

 Scrunchie 80s Hairstyle

4. Scrunchies: We鈥檙e not fooling this time, we swear! These late-鈥80s/early-鈥90s wardrobe staples are making a major comeback. (via StyleCaster)

Neon 80s Hairstyle

5. Neon: Don鈥檛 get us wrong; we鈥檙e still in love with pastel hair. However, hot pink is a great 鈥80s-inspired choice for those who miss the days of neon everything. (via Hey Wanderer)

Crimping 80s Hairstyle

6. Crimping: Crimping irons flew off shelves in the 鈥80s and had a resurgence in the late 鈥90s (thanks, Britney). Go a subtler route, a la Naya Rivera, by using a flat iron to crimp your locks. (Photo via Michael Tran/Getty)

Headbands 80s Hairstyle

7. Headbands: Whether bedazzled, confetti-clad or skinny and subtle like T-Swift鈥檚, headbands are a godsend on lazy hair days. (Photo via Gonzalo Bauer-Griffin/Getty)

Shaved Patterns 80s Hairstyle

8. Shaved Patterns: Dudes owned this trend in the 鈥80s, but now ladies are rocking the geometric patterns. Have your stylist get creative with the razor on the side of your head, or at the nape of your neck. (via StayGlam)

Braided Sides 80s Hairstyle

9. Braided Sides: Want an avant-garde asymmetrical look without going the Skrillex route? Here ya go. (Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty)

Bows 80s Hairstyle

10. Bows: Madonna鈥檚 look in Desperately Seeking Susan has held up over the decades. We love how this colorful, slightly askew bow looks more natural and feels a little less鈥 Minnie Mouse. (via The Beauty Department)


11. Side Combs: Upgrade these oft-forgotten hair accessories with brightly colored tulle (or embroidery floss) for instant party hair. (via Brit + Co)


12. French Braid: Having a friend who could French braid your hair was a valuable asset in the 鈥80s. Now you can DIY this pretty, humidity-resistant look. (via Brit + Co)


13. Teased Hair: No need to replicate those awkward 鈥80s yearbook photos. Tease responsibly and you鈥檒l end up with a perfectly tousled mane. (via Hairstyle)


14. Side Ponytail: The ultimate lazy girl style 鈥 this knotty version looks fancy but can be done in just five minutes! (via Brit + Co)


15. Scrunched Waves: Put away the blow dryer, because air drying is where it鈥檚 at. Even straight-haired gals can get some serious festival-ready聽scrunchy waves with this tutorial. (via A Beautiful Mess)


16. Segmented Pony: Extra elastics are just one of the easy ways to funk-ify聽a high or side ponytail. Just add neon streaks for even more 鈥80s-inspired 鈥榯ude. (via Brit + Co)

Jet Black and Flat

17. Flattop: This angular style is hot, hot, haute. (via A.P.R.T.)

What 鈥80s hairstyles do you wish would make a comeback? Will you try any of these? Let us know in the comments below!