Summer is almost over, which means bright colors and bold patterns are about to take a back seat to our favorite fall staples, and not just in fashion but beauty too. As much as we love muted mauves, olive greens, and the very deepest blacks, there’s something to be said about the fun, eye-catching shades of summer, especially when it comes to manicures. And, no one — or rather, no decade — pays homage to that idea better than the ’80s. So, to celebrate the end of the season (and our never-ending love of in-your-face designs), ahead you’ll find 12 seriously stunning takes on ’80s nail art. Whether you want a nude nail with a pop of color or a true-to-the-decade design, we have you covered. So, grab your favorite polish and scroll on for the ultimate end-of-summer nail inspo.

1. Jazz Waxed Solo Cup-Inspired Mani (via The Polished Bean)

2. Pastel Patterns Galore (via The Gossip Nail Bar)

3. Checkers and Spots (via The Polished Bean)

4. Bold Colors and Geometric Shapes (via Wild Oleander)

5. Saved by the Bell Beauties (via The Polished Bean)

6. Negative Space ’80s Nails (via Wild Oleander)

7. Extra AF ’80s Stiletto Nails (via ONYX Files)

8. Pink and Blue Stunner Stiletto Nails (via Best Nails Club)

9. Pastel Pretties (via The Gossip Nail Bar)

10. Geometric Negative Space Nails (via Wild Oleander)

11. All the Patterns (via Buff)

12. Neon Tips (via Wild Oleander)

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