It all started with Nail Polish Mountain.

A seemingly fun — if not a bit weird — beauty experiment that went viral earlier this summer, Nail Polish Mountain featured vlogger Cristine of Simply Nailogical meticulously applying 116 layers of nail polish to build, well, a mountain of polish on her nails. The look was mesmerizing if not very practical, but what seemed like a fun one-off has happened to spark a trend of “100 layers” videos that is still going strong as summer winds down. Here are some of the most ridiculous — and memorable — ones we’ve seen:

1. Lipstick: It turns out 100 layers of liquid lipstick does not look very good. Shocking, we know.

2. Foundation: YouTuber Jeely decided to take the burgeoning trend up a notch, applying 100 layers of foundation to her face. The results? In her words, “messy AF.” We can feel the breakouts happening as we watch!

3. Eyebrows: Ultimately applying 100 layers of brow product resulted in vlogger Patricia Bright’s brows not being on fleek.

4. Highlighter: Alissa Ashley made this admittedly “bullshit-ass video” to hilariously hop on the 100 layers bandwagon. This one actually ended up being one of the least ridiculous in look, if not in theory.

6. Liquid Eyeliner: This liner PEELED RIGHT OFF. That’s a big nope.

7. False Eyelashes: This was the point that the trend got out of hand. 100 sets of false eyelashes makes it look like there are legitimate caterpillars on vlogger Tina Yong’s eyes. Creepy!

8. EVERYTHING: YouTuber Jenna Marbles shut it down with this hilarious send up of one of summer’s strangest trends by applying 100 layers of an entire face of makeup. The results are horrifying and Jenna herself said she’d never wish it on anyone.

9. Clothes: Well, why not take it one step further? This challenge proved to not be quite as funny as they intended, as YouTube couple De’arra and Ken actually almost passed out in the process. Shut it down, Internet. We need a new trend now.

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(Featured photo via Jeely/Youtube)