You鈥檇 think that in The Year of Our Lob 2016, we鈥檇 just sit back and wait for a certain hair look from our red carpet walkers. You know what we mean: maybe a half-up, half-down 鈥榙o suitable for mid-length locks, or possibly an edgy updo a la Daisy Ridley. But as awards season taught us, red carpet beauty isn鈥檛 always so pat. And truthfully, red carpet hair is where the most out-there experimentation tends to happen. Which is why we鈥檙e floored by what the 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards red carpet has come to show us so far: LLL as the dominant 鈥榙o.


That鈥檚 right: Long Loose Locks.

Maybe you鈥檙e groaning at our little acronym but you can鈥檛 deny that it鈥檚 real and it鈥檚 fabulous 鈥 the look, anyway. And it鈥檚 also a total throwback to the mid-2000s, when the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Julia Roberts and more showed up with hair a鈥檉lowin.鈥 It鈥檚 a look that鈥檚 simple, feminine, graceful and even a touch on the Earth Mother side. Jana Kramer above rocks LLL like a champ, but let鈥檚 just see what her fellow red carpet walkers have to show for it:

51st Academy Of Country Music Awards - Arrivals

Mickey Guyton pairs LLL with one of the more risk-taking dresses of the night, joining casual with bold.

51st Academy Of Country Music Awards - Arrivals

Kelleigh Bannen does a side-swept braid with her LLL and a peek-a-boo black number.


Lauren Alaina goes side-part + soft curls with her LLL, which compliments her sexy high-low ballgown.


Marin Morris does center-parted beach waves on her LLL, joined here with an eye-catching lavender and lilac gown.

Could we be seeing more of this look on red carpets to come? Who can say. But one thing is for certain: LLL says, 鈥淚鈥檓 easygoing and chill but I know my way around a curling iron,鈥 and we鈥檙e pleased to see its return.

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(Photos via David Becker/Getty)