If you’re a busy woman like we are, then you can attest to the fact that your outfits are largely dictated by your jam-packed schedule and not so much fashion itself (as in, you consider yoga pants to work your most beloved #stylehack). But now, thanks to the brand-new clothing brand ADAY and its lineup of on-trend garments made specially for your gym-to-desk-to-dinner lifestyle, you needn’t be a sartorial slave to your datebook any longer. You won’t have to bring a change of clothes along with you ever again either.


The NYC + London-based brand, which is launching online tomorrow with eight styles, offers a highly curated range of sporty-chic clothing that doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort or performance. In other words, it’s like your favorite athleisure pieces got a Vogue-worthy makeover. Think: leather-look leggings and a scuba-look crop top that both *actually* breathe, glitzy rainproof track shorts that can go from AM jog to office by switching your tank for a crisp button up and a live-in jumpsuit that’s pill-resistant. It’s the sweet spot between fashion and fitness we’ve been waiting for.


“There are no other ready-to-wear labels that are built for action,” says co-founder Meg He in a press release. “The modern woman is incredible at multitasking and we don’t believe in changing outfits just because you’re switching activities.” ADAY doesn’t believe in draining your bank account either: the innovative apparel ranges from $50 to $155. Now all that’s missing from our wear-it-anywhere lives is a morphing gym bag-to-clutch and hair tie that moonlights as a bracelet.

What wear-anywhere pieces can you not live without? Tell us about how you style your most cozy-chic outfits in the comments below.