Just like those pesky little bobby pins, hair ties also have a reputation for mysteriously disappearing. You can try to keep a few in your bag, but chances are they’ll still end up going MIA within a few days. So naturally the best place to keep the must-have hair accessory is right where you can see it: on your wrist. While this spot definitely ensures you always have a hair tie handy, it can also put a damper on your arm candy game. And let’s not forget about the major downside: those pesky, sometimes painful impressions they can leave on your wrist. But now there is a convenient, new invention that allows you to rock a hair tie on your arm without all the negative side effects. Introducing: the BitterSweet bracelet.


This genius bracelet is essentially a small cuff with an indentation in the middle that’s just the right size for a hair tie. Popping the hair tie in the bracelet’s crease will keep the pressure off your wrist while also adding a cool stripe of color to your bracelet. Genius! How did we not think of this sooner?


BitterSweet founder Shireen Thor told the Huffington Post, “The bracelet was sparked out of love and creativity to solve a common problem for women. Whenever I would look back at pictures of myself with a hair tie elastic on my wrist I would feel unsophisticated — so I decided I wanted to do something about it!”


The prices for this piece of hair-hacking jewelry vary depending on color and style. The cheaper options all come in at $45 for a cuff with a rose gold, silver or gold finish, while the pieces on the more expensive end ($85) look the same but are made with genuine gold, silver and rose gold. As far as styles go, you can choose between a bracelet with a jagged edge or one with an intricate flower motif — or maybe just get one of each :) It’s only April, but it looks like we may have just found our must-have summer accessory.

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