When it comes to #girlboss goals, things don’t get much more aspirational than Adele. After deciding not to stream 25 on Spotify, her album has sold more than 15 million copies. She can sell out a global tour in minutes but somehow she’s managed to continuously be one of the most down to earth celebs out there. She consoled herself after that Grammys mishap with a late night burger at In-N-Out, she shared a hilarious gym selfie that basically expressed how all of us feel when we workout and today we discovered she’s also just as much of a Target fanatic as everyone else.

Those super sneaky peeps over at TMZ managed to snag this epic photo of Adele doing what we all do at Target: aimlessly wander and buy tons of things we don’t actually need. TMZ captioned the snap, “Hello, I’m in California dreaming about … a deal at Target!! Yes, Adele was dressed down like any other mom searching for sales Thursday in the West Hollywood Target.”

Whether she wandered over to the music section to make sure all her CDs were placed front and center, we can’t be totally sure but we do know that she made sure to stop by the coloring book department. In the photo she appears to be checking out Crayola’s Avengers’ coloring book. Adele loves Target AND coloring? Okay, we really need to become best friends now.

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(Photos via @tmz and Jason Merritt/Getty)