There are plenty of resources out there for learning practical, real-world skills — also known as adulting lessons. Our parents share their hard-earned wisdom and advice podcasts teach us about that whole grown-up thing, but somehow it still took us until we were 25 to learn how to make a budget, be productive at work and cook an (edible) egg over-easy. You know, the basics. So we’re feeling super hopeful about this new authority on all things adulting: The Adulting School (TAS).

The Adulting School founders


Cofounder Rachel Weinstein, a psychotherapist by training, was inspired to start TAS by an insurance company, of all things. The company was advertising a course in financial skills for young people, and Rachel realized that there was a greater need for basic adulting lessons in other topics too. She thought there was a more fun and accessible way to share this valuable info, so she set about organizing a full-day event complete with expert speakers, good food and boozy beverages (because we all know adults love a good cocktail). The early response to the event as Rachel began to plan it was so positive that she decided to bring in Katie Brunelle — who had a background in online entrepreneurialism, teaching and wellness — to help her get the program off the ground.

Part of the mission of TAS is to shift the increasingly negative stigma about millennials and their lacking real-world skills. “Our experience has been that young people want to learn, want to be empowered and want to be successful,” Rachel says. “When they show up and engage and learn, they can reject the judgment that they are ‘lazy and entitled’ and exhibit the proactive, creative growth that we know they’re capable of.”



Students of TAS have the chance to “study” a range of topics, all falling within four curriculum categories: financial basics, relationships and community, health and wellness and make-it/fix-it. “We offer skills that are crucial, like how to live within your means, as well as life hacks like how to pick a ripe avocado,” Rachel says. Basically, whether you’re trying to get your budget in check or simply seeking the best raw ingredients for guacamole, TAS can help — and they’re continuing to expand their list of lesson offerings.

In the meantime, Rachel and Katie’s plan to grow the business is mostly focused on expanding their geographic reach. Currently, there are workshops and summits available to students in-person at the Portland, ME TAS location, and the school will be opening in other cities soon.

The good news for the rest of us? Starting in February 2017, you can also be part of the TAS online community (early enrollment, $20/month or $180/year, is open now), which offers access to lessons, quick life hacks, a private social media network, monthly phone assemblies, local workshops, interactive newsletters and access to a full staff roster.

Woman working in front of a coffee shop window


Becoming an adult is hardly a new phenomenon (as far as we know, saying goodbye to childhood has never been optional), but Rachel credits new pressures in society with the growing need for targeted grown-up guidance.

“The pressure to succeed academically has folks learning calculus but not how to do the laundry,” she says. “The world is more complex and the economy has changed so much that the skills to succeed overall aren’t as straightforward.” Thanks to changes in the educational system, students are being taught based largely on testing standards, while practical courses like home ec are being cut from the budget.

So far, TAS has been met with enthusiastic feedback from its students, and Rachel and Katie are hopeful that the response to the online launch will be similarly positive.

“So many people are telling us that they are struggling, feel ashamed about [their lacking adulting know-how] and are so psyched for a biz to teach them the stuff they need to know in a fun, empowering way,” Rachel says. “And if you get to drink a cocktail while you learn, well… that’s just gravy.”

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