As we get older, sometimes the craziness of the holiday season can make the whole thing lose that bright and shiny luster. One of the things that keeps our spirits up year after year is watching the days ’til Christmas tick away with an advent calendar. We get a kind of childlike glee about it and we’ve seen them done practically a million ways. As a wooden Christmas tree. As a wall of ornaments. And even as Pantone swatches. But we’ve found a new way to count down the days ’till Christmas that’s extremely minimal, and we’re burning with anticipation to tell you about it.

As you’ve probably gathered from the picture, this black and white candle is meant to be burned each day for a couple hours, until it melts down to the next day’s tick mark. You can make the whole thing a ceremony with your family, lighting it every night in December through Christmas day. The 8-inch, paraffin wax candle burns for a total of 88 hours. That’s a lot of Xmas music.

Whether your Christmas decor is minimal or totally over the top, you can put this candle on a dish that matches your festivities and it will fit right in. That’s part of designer Anne Lehmann‘s aesthetic. Whether she’s designing textiles or tea tins, her prints and palettes are simple, but statement-making. She says about her designs, “Form and function is always intertwined in my processes. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty — right?”

We couldn’t agree more, Anne. You can buy the candle online from Normann Copenhagen right here for $16 (with $39 shipping to the US from Denmark, eek), and get ready to start the Christmas Countdown. If the shipping sticker shock is getting to you, we may have to take this on as our next Sharpie project. What do you guys think?

How do you count down the days ’til Christmas? Let us know your advent tradition in the comments!

(h/t Doornob)