What’s one of the easiest ways to inject a little bit of color into your decor? Add a bright wall clock. We found 30 of our favorite versions, both ones that you can buy and hang, and ones that you can make yourself, so they fit your home perfectly. Now the only problem will be not buying or making all of them! Thank goodness you need a clock in every room of your home, right?

1. Eclipse Wall Clock ($49): There’s so much we love about this clock: the bright colors, the varied sizes of the hour dots, and the strong contrast of the black hands on the white face.

2. Ice Cream Bunting Hand Embroidered Mini Wall Clock ($72): We’ve got a thing for embroidery hoops, and they’re a natural to turn into clocks of any size.

3. Embroidery Hoop Wall Clock: When you’re like us, you prefer to DIY. This hoop wall clock is so easy to make you might just end up making a wall full of them. (via Brit + Co)

4. Newgate Wall Clock ($135): Reminiscent of school wall clocks (just without that obnoxious bell), this industrial version will fit perfectly in an office setting.

5. Book Clock ($24): Nestle this three volume set onto your bookshelf so you can easily check the time during reading breaks without being distracted by the notifications on your phone.

6. DIY Book Clock: Want to make a DIY version of the book clock for your wall? We’ve got a video for that! (via Brit + Co)

7. Solar Clock from Suck UK ($34): We love this clock for a gallery wall configuration. It’s small, so it fits in easily, and it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, so no matter what your composition looks like it will have a home.

8. DIY Domino Wall Clock: You can pick up the supplies for this clock at the dollar store. All you need is an old domino set and a clock kit. (via The Homesteady)

9. 5 O’Clock Wall Clock ($100): Perfect for the clockwatchers, the only number on this clock is the one that matters—quitting time! Unless of course you’re on a 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. schedule, in which case it’s just cruel.

10. Swallow Wall Clock ($160): With this clock time literally flies, or at least it appears to.

11. DIY Chrysanthemum Wall Clock: You won’t believe what this bright, flower-inspired clock is made from. If you guessed plastic spoons, you’re right! We’re dreaming of all the colors and variations we could make. (via That’s What Che Said)

12. White & White LED Clock ($227): Based on the Black & White Clock design by Vadim Kibardin (which you already know we love), this unboxed digital clock automatically adjusts its brightness based on the ambient light in the room, and includes an alarm as well.

13. DIY Color Sample Clock: Just in case you need another DIY out of paint chips, you can easily make this rainbow gradient clock. We love the idea of using 60 colors and having an new hue each minute. (via Instructables)

14. Around the World Clock ($49): Perfect for the world traveler who is dreaming of jetting off to new places at least once an hour.

15. DIY Wood Slice Clock: A few months ago we showed you how to turn a wood round into a cheese tray, and it’s just as easy to turn one into a clock as well! (via Design*Sponge)

16. Mozia Wall Clock Small ($135): If you want to inject some color into your decor these bright, color-blocked clocks are the way to do it.

17. Custom Record Clock ($60): We loved this clock so much we had to share it again. Send your favorite album to artist Jeff Davis, and let him turn it into a custom wall clock. The best part? All he uses is the label. You’ll get your album back and be able to enjoy both the music and the design of the label simultaneously.

18. DIY Pencil Clock: Perfect for your office wall or for a gift for your child’s teacher, this pencil clock looks sharp. (via Brit + Co)

19. Kirie 01 Clock ($84): Resembling a doily or sugared cake decorations, this clock adds a sweet touch to your decor.

20. Blackboard Wall Clock ($259): Make the face of this clock whatever you want it to be. It has a chalkboard surface so you can change up the design however/whenever you want.

21. Heart-Shaped Chalkboard Clock: And if you want to make a DIY version, it’s just as easy as you’d think. Follow this step-by-step to make a heart-shaped clock. (via Brit+ Co)

22. Wall Hanging Flip Clock/Calendar ($80): An updated take on the classic flip clock design, this option shows you more than just the time.

23. DIY Floating Numbers Wall Clock: Pick up either some house numbers or wooden numbers from the craft supply store (depending on your space) and easily put together this floating wall clock. It looks perfect over a mantel. (via Faded Plains)

24. Karlsson DIY Cubic Wall Clock ($75): If you’re just getting into DIY (welcome!), this is the perfect clock for you. You get to choose the arrangement of the colors, but there’s no painting required.

25. Time Zone Clock ($130): Keep track of all your favorite cities or all your far-flung family members. (That way you won’t accidentally call anyone too late or too early.)

26. DIY Photo Clock: Talk about easy, if you have an instant camera you can make this clock in just a few minutes, and the photos look just as good framed or unframed. (via Photojojo)

27. Screen Test Wall Clock ($12): Have a dedicated TV or family room? This is the clock that belongs there for a movie-loving family.

28. Vitra Design Museum Ball Clock by George Nelson ($375): Think of this as a way you can own a small piece of modern design history with out completely breaking the bank.

29. Ballerina Wall Clock ($16): This girls can move in ways you’ve never seen, and all for the sake of you know ing what time it is.

30. Glow-in-the-Dark Moon Wall Clock ($49): If you still have those glow-the-dark stars on the ceiling in your childhood bedroom, this might be the grown up version. (Especially because it’s easy to remove.)

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