Spoiler alert to nobody: we’re pretty major fans of color here at Brit + Co. Whether we’re making rainbow sand art or dipping our kitchen in a sunny shade of yellow, we’re all for upping our saturation intake. However, as color obsessed as we are, we can also admit that there is a certain elegance to a minimal palette, be it in home decor or your wardrobe. And hey, if you’re one of those people who usually skips out on color in favor of an all-black combo, it looks like you just might be doing something totally right.


UK wholesaler Buytshirtsonline recently conducted a 1,000-person survey all about how color is perceived. Throughout their research, they found that black was picked as a favorite color to rock in every scenario from an interview to a first date to a wedding.

In the survey they found that 56% of their subjects chose black as the top “color of confidence.” However, on the flip side, only 5% of people chose brown as a confident color and even less went with orange. Lesson learned: Don’t wear orange or brown when trying to nail a job interview. When it came to picking out a color people found most attractive in potential mates, red, white and black were the three most popular, with black again gaining the majority of votes.


When asked about which color they thought eluded to the most intelligence, pink came in shockingly low. In fact, only 5% of the people they surveyed thought someone of intellect would wear pink (whaaaat?). Not so surprisingly, black reigned supreme in this category as well, with blue trailing close behind. So, next time you have an interview in the morning, an important business meeting in the afternoon and a first date at night, it looks like you now know exactly what you need to wear.

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(Photos via Everlane)