Since first appearing on the scene, Allbirds鈥 wool runners have quickly gained popularity among the style set and are on their way to becoming the new 鈥淚t鈥 sneaker. Their comfy fit and innovative use of wool is definitely the biggest draw, but what keeps us coming back for more is the simple, minimalist design. So when Allbirds announced their 鈥Allbirds And鈥 campaign 鈥 a way to connect to the community and work alongside local artisans and creators 鈥 we couldn鈥檛 wait to see what new designs would come out of these limited edition collabs. We鈥檙e sure there鈥檚 one big question on your mind right now though 鈥 do we still get the same pared-down look we鈥檝e come to love from Allbirds sneakers? The answer is a resounding yes!


The 鈥淎llbirds And鈥 program will make its way from city to city to team up with local businesses who bring beauty and quality natural ingredients to their products, each with a unique color story. First stop 鈥 their hometown, San Francisco. Allbirds created a new light-gray base for their sneaker, inspired by SF鈥檚 infamous Karl the Fog, and then went on to add pops of color that each represent a partnership with three beloved SF spots. There鈥檚 a pale yellow for Craftsman and Wolves, inspired by their Rebel Within pastry; a pink version for Smitten Ice Cream and a teal blue that matches the iconic door to Ampersand鈥檚 adorable flower shop.


The changes in the new designs are subtle 鈥 in addition to the new base color, it鈥檚 only the shoe laces and the tab on the tongue that have changed, which is just enough to give them a late summer-appropriate upgrade but still maintain the classic Allbirds look. While most other brands would charge more for anything that鈥檚 limited edition, Allbirds prices remain the same at $95. Plus, there鈥檚 no compromise on all the original features that make Allbirds sneakers an all-around fantastic shoe.


Where will you go next, Allbirds? We鈥檒l be watching and waiting!

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(Photos via @allbirds)