Picture it: Your once-a-month cleaning + laundry spree is in full swing and mid-scrubbing and laundry loading you realize you’re running low on detergent and paper towels. The freaking and stressing about a restock field trip — seriously, who wants to run to the store while the in-the-cleaning-zone vibes are strong? — is no more courtesy of online retail giant Amazon.


The company just announced the launch of the heir apparent to Amazon Dash, the Dash Button. Exclusively for Amazon Prime members, this free (and small) device hangs, sticks or can be placed anywhere in the home to easily order the most used household items. From cleaning supplies like Clorox Wipes, Tide and Bounty to other essentials like Gatorade, Gerber and Lara Bars, this smart button allows you to instantly order anything and everything (almost), relieving you of a time consuming Costco excursion (see ya, samples).


With the press of a branded button, Amazon Prime members are able to restock supplies within 48 hours without the hassle of visiting the store and waiting in line. Unless of course you need that Cottonelle ASAP :/


After connecting the button(s) to your house’s WiFi through the Amazon app, the button pushing fun can commence. Have no fear about you (or the kids) accidentally pressing the Dash Button one too many times as each press is followed up by an order alert on your phone allowing you to cancel if you change your mind about that 84 pack of Izze Sparkling Juice. Nope, this isn’t an early April Fools’ Day joke. It’s just the future, and the future of smart homes is now.

Will you be placing an Amazon Dash Button in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and bedroom? Let us know in the comments.