One of the exciting things about drone technology is the possibilities it opens for even amateurs to create really amazing videos. In fact, all you really need for a beginner drone vid is a sturdy camera (like a GoPro) and… a drone! There are tons of drone videos out there, but most are a real snoozefest. But with some creativity, editing and music, you can go from meh to mahvehlous with yours. We’ve found a few drone videos with particularly creative approaches and hope they inspire you to take yours to the next level.

1. BeetleCopter in the Serengeti: Drones are amazing for wildlife photography. Think about it: You can get a close-up of a lion without a vulnerable photographer having to get all up in his hungry business. Most of the animals in this video don’t even seem to notice the drone flying by. The custom-made BeetleCopter captured aerial views of a stampede, a family of elephants, a river full of hippos and a feeding hyena. It’s a great way to capture breath-taking landscape with minimal impact on the ecosystem.

2. Drone Paris La Défense FPV Flight: You may already be aware that Paris is not all cafes and views of the Eiffel Tower. It boasts one of Europe’s major business districts, La Dèfense. A GoPro attached to a homemade ultralight captures this chic, metropolitan side of the city. After taking off from the stunning, squared-off Grande Arche, it winds its way around skyscrapers and over curious spectators.

3. Fireworks Filmed With a Drone: If you’ve ever searched around for the perfect spot to see a fireworks display, you’ll love this closer-than-front row view. And, when we say “close,” we mean really close. While us mere mortals are limited to gazing up from the ground, this drone flew right through the middle of the explosions! According to the description, the GoPro and DJI Phantom 2 made it through unharmed.

4. San Francisco [TBS@USA 13/13]: This is a fast-paced vid featuring lots of exciting cuts. The drone and GoPro camera soar over San Francisco, sometimes almost at the level of passing traffic (including a cable car, of course), and other times giving us a bird’s eye view. It provides a new look at familiar sites like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the very crooked Lombard Street. There are also some unexpected moments – like a car fire being put out. Yikes!

5. Drone View Palau, Jellyfish Lake: A combo of aerial footage from a DJI quadcopter and GoPro and underwater shots by a Canon XA10 makes you feel like you’re thoroughly exploring Palau. You get views from both above and below the Pacific island. The video opens high above Palau’s Jellyfish Lake and the drone seems to plunge down beneath the water to a lake filled with jellyfish. From there, you’re taken back to views of the island’s lush landscape and a gorgeous waterfall.

Have YOU ever flown a drone? Have a favorite drone video to share? Tell us which drone vids are your jam in the comments!