If you’ve been following our Health section for awhile now, you’ve probably noticed how frequently we write about wearable tech. Gadgets that keep you healthy are popping up left and right these days, and we are in full support of them all. A healthier world is a happier, better world. However, many of the devices we’ve seen are things you probably wouldn’t feel incredibly stylish wearing on a day-to-day basis, much less to a more formal event like a cocktail party. That is, of course, unless you decide to DIY yourself a more fashionable device.

But hold your horses, folks, that may soon be changing. We’ve recently spotted one of the stylish and most chic wearable fitness gadgets out there. It’s called Pulse, a heart rate monitor that doubles as a simple, discrete and classy ring for your finger. While it’s not yet released to the public, the designs for this ring include both a white and black variation and are meant to be worn by males and females alike.

The ring works by monitoring your heart rate while you wear it. It comes with an app for your phone that can read and report all of the data back to you. You can even share your data with friends, family, or even your personal trainer so that they know how you’re faring each day. Once you set your target heart rate zone, it will pulse white if you’re in it, blue if you’re below it, and red if you’re getting a little too intense.

Why is heart rate monitoring so important to your health? Focusing on staying within your optimal target heart rate zone can help you burn more calories and reach your daily health goals more efficiently. (It also helps your treadmill workouts fly by!) While we’ve seen other amazing products that can accurately measure your heart rate (like the Alpha watch or the Cardiio no-touch app), we’ve never found one that is so easy and trendy to keep on at all hours of the day. In fact, the only other heart rate ring we could find on the Internet was this one. Quite a drastic difference of design, eh?

We are biting at the chomp until the Pulse ring goes on sale. I would personally wear it at all hours of the day — think of how much interesting heart rate data you could have if you kept this on while you were sleeping! As a health and tech freak, this is right up my alley. I’m more than excited to see how much healthier the world will become over the years due to related wearable products that keep us informed about our personal health.

Would you rock a Pulse ring? Why or why not? Leave us a note in the comments below or holla at a girl on Twitter!