Alright, all you animaniacs out there: Look alive, because this shoppable collection is wild. From jewelry to wall art, pay tribute to your spirit animal with these beast in show pieces from the Brit + Co Shop.

So get your paws ready, because here are 15 of our favorites. Go get ’em, tiger.

1. Wild Clutch ($46): Get creative with the way you wrap gifts and use this this bold clutch as your own wrapping paper. Stuff your presents inside and voila!

2. Birds of Paradise 2016 Calendar ($32): Not only is this wall calendar full of some great artwork, but it also lends itself to all kinds of puns: “Scheduling? That’s for the birds.” “My, how time is flying by this month.” See? You try.

3. Cat’s Meow Print ($17): The Cat’s Meow (noun): What you’ll be after you give this to the cat lover in your life.

4. Balloon Animal Cards ($16): Remember how happy it made you as a kid getting your very own balloon giraffe? Your friends will feel the same when they open their mailbox to find one of these greeting cards.

5. Bird Ring Holder ($13): Oops, you went a little overboard accessory shopping last month. Store all your beautiful finds on this gorgeous ring holder.

6. Wild Animal Drink Stirrers ($17): Finally, a way to drink, get wild and not make a fool of ourselves. Horse Drink Stirrers also available for the horse-lovers out there.

7. Electric Bobcat Tee ($30): From the studio that brought you the Good Grammar Is Sexy tee, a glittery reminder that not all cats are of the cute and cuddly variety.

8. Tiger Print Notecards ($18): Send love in four poppy, colorful ways, all fit for a wild child.

9. Fox iPhone Case ($30): Dress your tech with this foxy phone case.

10. Deer Print ($20): This painting of one of nature’s gentlest creatures brings cheer and a sweet splash of color to any room.

11. Bunny Stud Earrings ($30): Bunny earrings + Carrot Candle. Boom. Cuteness overload.

12. French Bulldog Coin Bank ($49): No hard feelings, piggie, but we love this alternative that pays tribute to one of our favorite dog breeds.

13. Sparrow Bracelet ($15): These sparrow stacking bangles would make lovely friendship bracelets for you and your bestie.

14. Elephant Love Print ($21): Through years of study, scientists have found that elephants have what might be the biggest capacity for love and emotion in the animal kingdom. This print itself is a gorgeous expression of love.

15. Zebra Print ($21): To the friend for whom nothing is just black and white, this print makes perfect wall candy. Also check out the gorgeous Flamingo Print by the same artist.

See your spirit animal in this roundup? Share in the comments below!