So you’re allergic to cats. Your landlord vetoed your request to bring a dog into the building. Hamster cages are a little too much maintenance (and a lot too stinky) and feeding live mice to a pet snake seems way too barbaric a sacrifice to take place in your living room every week or two. What’s an animal lover to do? You could spend all of your paychecks on admission to the zoo, or you could turn your office into your own personal menagerie. Whether you work from a corner office with floor-to-ceiling windows, a cramped cubicle or your favorite java purveyor, there’s always room to add a little more life to your workday.

1. Zebra Print ($21): Bring a little life to your work day with a colorful animal print (and no, we don’t mean cheetah spots or tiger stripes). This zebra’s warm colors will brighten up your office.

2. Cardboard Deer Bust ($30): Fill negative wall space or swap out that same old poster you’ve looked all year with a bust that comes with all of the outdoor vibes and none of the taxidermy.

3. Shark Bite Stapler ($145): Don’t worry, you won’t need a bigger boat for this set of Jaws. Bite through all of your stapling tasks in a cinch with this bad boy.

4. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): Yep. Your office definitely needs a cushion to soften up the space (extra lumbar support, anyone?) No pet of your own? Pick the most aww-worthy puppy pic you can find.

5. Australian Cockatoo Candle ($17): This little birdie might not be able to learn swear words or say “Good morning, beautiful” whenever you walk in the room, but its colorful feathers are sure to bring some much needed light to your workspace.

6. Longneck Planter ($70): Having a live plant at your desk can reduce stress and improve productivity. Win-win, right? House your indoor plant in this hand-painted model dino for totally out-there office pizazz.

7. 3D-Printed Octopus Box ($12): Fill up this kawaii kraken with paperclips, pushpins, emergency candy or whatever else you need to ensure a work day waaaay smoother than the Seven Seas.

8. Fox Pencil Case ($27): Take your work on the go with a snazzy fox pencil case. It also comes in bunny form if you want a matching case for a set of mid-day refresh cosmetics.

9. Frenchie Coin Bank ($49): Guard your territory with this adorably studded tough guy. If you don’t have excess coins that need a home, use your new desk pet as a paper weight.

10. Hedgehog Lamp ($50+): Need a break from harsh fluorescents? Illuminate your space with the soft light from this prickly lamp.

11. Bulldog Mug ($16): Turn around ruff mornings when you sip your caffeinated beverage of choice from this wrinkly pooch. This mug is super unique, so you don’t have to worry about confusing your sweet sipper for anyone else’s plain-Jane cup.

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