The insults that are often hurled at women are as varied as they are creatively colorful and utterly ridiculous. Luckily for us, there are awesome folks out there like Anna Friemoth who take those garbage put-downs and turn them into something amazing, something bold, something that’s pure (kick-ass) art.

In her Words for Women photo series, which is showing now through March 18th at New York’s Gallery 151, the NY photographer creates images that personify the actual insults that women hear throughout their lives.

“I want people to have an ‘oh yeah’ moment when they draw the connection between the words and the image,” Friemoth told The Huffington Post.

ANNA FRIEMOTH _ Sugar tits

Have you ever been called “Sugar Tits?” *shudder*

ANNA FRIEMOTH _ Wallflower

What about “wallflower?” *sigh*


Or, possibly the most obnoxious of all, “butter face?” *eye rolls until the end of time*

Friemoth has you (brilliantly, amazingly) covered! The result is proof that insults to women are not only degrading and hurtful, but just plain ridonk.

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Courtesy of Gallery 151 and the artist; “Words for Women” is made possible by the generous support of Mike Namer and Alfa Development

(h/t Huffington Post; photos via Anna Friemoth)