All of us love, love, love our apps. It’s really no secret that we’re constantly checking for updates on the essentials (aka social media apps, duh!) and scanning our app store of choice and weekly app roundups for the latest and greatest to add to our smartphones. But what happens after the DL? Do we use those cool, new apps on a regular basis or are they just taking up storage space? That’s the question that a recent comScore study answered, and the results may or may not surprise you depending on your tech habits.

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According to the study, American smartphone users only use about three apps on a frequent basis. Three apps?! Seems like we don’t really need those smartphones, huh? ;) The study went on to reveal that US smartphone users spend about half of their time in a single(!) app, while the second most-used app gets about 18% of an individual’s app time and the third most frequented is only put to work 10% of the time.

As for which apps are used the most, the study revealed that the top three are all social media-based. Facebook comes out on top with 126 million users, YouTube takes silver with 99 million and Facebook’s spin-off app, Facebook Messenger, closes in at number three with 96 million frequent users. Looks like the holy app trinity has formed.

So basically, it looks like it’s time to be honest with yourself; you’ll totally be fine if you went and deleted those three-plus screens of apps, because you’re not using any of ’em anyways. Now get to storage space cleanin’.

How many apps do you use on a regular basis? Which ones do you use the most? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t TIME)