Gaming gets a bad rap. The term is typically associated with chilling on the couch for hours and hours with only menial hand movements. But, if you’re a member of Asphalt Green in New York City, a gaming sesh and a hardcore workout go hand in hand.

A new class called AG6 at Asphalt Green is making waves by using a technology called PRAMA system that powers interactive floors and walls that respond to touch. Asphalt Green is currently the only place that offers the technology. In the class, you’ll do a series of movements that require you to respond to LED light cues. That might mean jumping to tap a light on the wall, or maybe you’ll have to lunge in an unexpected pattern on the floor. Think of the class as a genius mix between arcade games like Dance Dance Revolution, the playground games of your youth and a high-intensity interval workout.

And hey, while you play, you can burn up to 1,000 calories during the 45-minute class. Not bad for an evening gaming sesh, eh?.

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