While you have been busy organizing, eating healthy, and exercising now that the New Year has arrived, have you thought about your attic? We didn’t think so. Attics are so easily forgotten in interior design, but as these stunning photos will show you, decorating this small space can make a BIG impact. Here are 18 attics that totally top our list!

1. Swanky Budapest Attic Bedroom: Can you say amazing bathtub and shower?! This Budapest attic bedroom has all of the swankiness of a boutique hotel! (via Trendland)

2. Tyler Residence Attic Bedroom: Leawood, Kansas just got a whole lot cooler in our book. We love how this attic bedroom in the heart of the midwest turns the garage side of the house into a work of art! (via El Dorado, Inc.)

3. Stockholm Attic Dressing Room: Can you even believe the light and airy feeling of this Stockholm attic dressing room? What a dream to get ready in there everyday! (via Fantastic Frank)

4. Handsome Attic Work Space: Between the mix of industrial details and furniture pieces that are more like works of art, this attic work space doesn’t really leave us wanting anything more. (via Trendland)

5. Colorful Attic Stairs: Make a colorful entrance with this bright and bold DIY attic staircase! (via Cozy Little Cave)

6. Blank Slate Attic Craft Room: This attic craft room is somewhat of a blank slate, which is exactly what we want when we are about to begin crafting. Plus, we are suckers for a mostly white room! (via Fantastic Frank)

7. Bold Black + White Attic Dressing Room: The bold black and whites in this attic dressing room are just fabulous and totally on trend! (via Cargo Collective)

8. Graphic Black + White Attic Bedroom: How cool is that stripe on the wall? It gives this otherwise simple room a very graphic touch! (via Design Sponge)

9. Sweet + Southern Attic Dressing Room: This attic living room is full of southern charm y’all! (via Style Me Pretty)

10. Chic Attic Dressing Room + Closet: Really!? Is it not every girl’s dream to have a sitting room in their closet. This attic sitting room makes all of our dreams come true! (via Country Living)

11. Sophisticated Attic Work Space: We love the pop of color that the camel leather chair gives this chic monochromatic attic work space. (via Cargo Collective)

12. Classic Attic Bedroom: This attic bedroom is classic and absolutely dreamy! (via Cargo Collective)

13. Midcentury Modern Attic Work Space: The curved ceiling is such a unique take on the traditional pitched attic ceiling. We heart it big time. (via Apartment Therapy)

14. White on White Attic Bathroom: We can’t get over the dual shower heads that make this entire attic bathroom a shower! Think there’s enough hot water to stay in there all day?! (via Country Living)

15. Stunning Industrial Attic Kitchen: This kitchen … oh my loveliness! Our chocolate chip cookies would taste a whole lot sweeter if they were baked in this kitchen! (via Cargo Collective)

16. Comfy Chic Attic Bedroom: We would sure like to cozy up in this comfy but chic attic bedroom. (via Country Living)

17. Gorgeous Attic Office: This Pottery Barn-esque office is timeless. We love how those french doors let some amazing natural light in. (via Design Sponge)

18. Subway-Tiled Attic Bathroom: We are quite in love with the subway tile trend, and this attic bathroom does it so well! (via House Beautiful)

Ready to use your attic for more than just storage? Let us know your plans in the comments below!