When it comes to ah-mazing minimalist interior design, Scandinavian decor usually gets all the credit, but lately, we’ve got our eyes on the stellar style of Australian homes. That trademark, laid-back-and-casual Aussie vibe comes together flawlessly in the 19 gorgeous spaces below. They’re totally packed with fresh ideas on how to spruce up your home while embracing that effortless “down under” feeling. So, g’day, and get to dreaming up your Aussie-inspired revamp!

1. Black and White Textiles: Graphic patterns are key when aiming for the clean, modern look of an Australian home. By simply adding mudcloth pillows to an otherwise very B&W room, you can create a whole new level of sophistication with a dash of boho style. (via Adore Magazine)

2. Beachy Keen: A lot of Australian designs are focused on the ocean and those chill, coastal vibes. Even if you’re not living right by the sea, you can bring in the salty air with a photographic print of refreshing, turquoise water. (via Scyon)

3. Pops of Glam: With a glossy subway tile backsplash, one colorful bank of cabinets, and glam light fixtures playing a key role, this baby reminds us that it’s important to keep things in balance with minimalist cabinets and lines. Clean doors and drawers, sans the knobs, will really open things up and keep the look understated. (via Homes to Love)

4. Cool Blues: Wooden accents play a huge role in Aussie style. Create a sense of connection to nature and the outdoors, so choose natural-stained wood and wicker lights, then think green for your cushions or wall color (or both!). (via Brett Mickan Interior Design)

5. Soothing Grays: Patterned coffee tables with trellised Mediterranean motifs are sure to be on everyone’s wish list this year. Whether you’re fond of intricate designs or modern geometric shapes, they all have a certain “been here forever” rustic charm that’ll complement modern sofas and metallic lighting. (via Three Birds Renovation)

6. Greenery Goals: This monochromatic palette isn’t for the faint of heart. Pairing a dark green sofa with a robin’s egg blue wall color definitely makes a statement, but totally works, thanks to the black and white rug and a few simple, potted plants. (via Inside Out)

7. Warm Neutrals: So long, marble! Australian decor is all about functionality and pared-back forms, making it the perfect style for embracing an unusual countertop in your kitchen. (via Style Curator)

8. Bold Accents: Minimal and neutral should never mean boring. Throwing in an accent wall will add a touch of needed flair to any space that’s looking a little dull. (via Adore Magazine)

9. Mustard Tones: No one said you can’t have both glamour and minimalism! By adding a leather wall-mounted nightstand and a nature-inspired gallery wall into an otherwise very soft and delicate bedroom, you can create a whole new genre of sophistication. (via Home Beautiful)

10. Rustic Monochromatics: Part of the charm of the Australian aesthetic is how versatile it can be — from coastal vibes to rustic cabin feels to mod industrial looks. Here, rough beams bring those cozy, warm sensations to an otherwise sleek, white kitchen. (via Hare & Klein)

11. Lit and Chic: Bring the outdoors in with bright colors and wooden accents, like this mini nightstand. Introduce a little (or a lot of) greenery into your abode, whether it’s with a trendy fiddle leaf fig tree or a tiny, potted aloe plant. (via Hannah Blackmore Photography)

12. European Touches: Clean lines and organic shapes are the epitome of Aussie decor, and nothing shows them off quite like a sleek breakfast nook. Create a calm atmosphere and feeling of spaciousness with simple furniture choices and a leafy indoor garden. (via My Domaine)

13. Open Spaces: Industrial-chic is totally accurate when talking about Australian influences. Embrace an all-white color palette, but give it an urban twist with open shelves, black grout, and, of course, lots of potted plants! (via Cantilever)

14. Dark and Dreamy: You saw it here first: Matte black is the new metallic. Warm up your interiors by introducing tons of natural wood for a fresh and welcoming home, then pair it with bold, black elements to keep things elegant AF. (via Inside Out)

15. Quirky Accents: If one light fixture is good, six is even better. Since the walls and accessories are kept simple, it can be all about the pendants. Go with a huge statement piece or several smaller ones for a unique arrangement that will really pull the room together. (via Design Files)

16. Deep Sea Blues: Channel your inner mermaid and deck your bedroom out in all shades of blue, purple, and turquoise. The mostly solid pieces keep the space in the minimalist realm so that majestic, over-the-bed print can really rule the room. (via Adore)

17. So Fresh: Everything about this room is gorgeous, especially that modern cube bed and how the entire room opens onto the porch. Total *heart eyes.* (via Brett Mickan Interior Design)

18. Layered, Not Cluttered: Unfinished wooden pieces help create a sense of connection to nature and the outdoors in your home. Embrace a monochrome color palette, but give it an urban twist with light floors, a round rattan rug, wire shelving, and mod, white lighting. (via Armelle Habib)

19. Graphic Glam: Since minimalist interiors rely on a few essentials for character, make sure those statement pieces are full of fun colors to mix and match. Match your throw pillows and bedding to the colors in an abstract painting to copy this stellar decor win. (via Queensland Homes)

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