Here’s what’s happening. We’re getting close to February and all anyone can talk about is cupids, hearts, and frilly little things. There’s a reason for that: Those things are fab, especially fancy undergarments.

But just in case those 3D-printed underwear aren’t quite making you feel like the power woman that you are, here’s a selection of swoon-worthy bras and underwear to add to your boudoir. Granny panties, you’ve officially been dismissed.

1. ASOS Mix & Match Lace Set ($37): Not only are we totally crazy about this pop of blue and the shape of the triangle bra paired with boy shorts, but that price! When was the last time you got both a bra and a pair of underwear for under $40?

2. Foxface ($39): We suggest firing up a little Jimi Hendrix “Foxy Lady” and doing a Garth Algar dance (à la Wayne’s World) while entering the room in these underoos. That’s sure to turn anyone on, right?

3. Ellie Set ($102): Got a thing for getting nautical with your matey? Well, then say ahoy to these skivvies.

4. Huit French Kiss Half Cup ($83): This bra is taking us back to an era when our favorite colors were pink and purple, but then it’s kicking us back into reality with its updated hues and very grown-up look.

5. Mimi Holliday ($100): Oh man. You guys know we love a good polka dot when we see one, and this one is a good one.

6. Blugirl Bra ($134): Hold on to your knickerbockers. Your over-the-shoulder-boulder holder is going on a safari complete with giraffes, zebras, butterflies, bows, and flowers. Wild, man.

7. Sequin Embellished Set ($81): We’re as excited about this studded stunner as your probably think we are. That’s very, very, very excited.

8. Stripe Aztec Corset ($60): Fierce is the only word that will do this structured piece justice. In fact, we might not even wear a shirt over it.

9. Scarlet Thistle Bra ($55): We’re thinking lovers of Downton Abbey will feel at home in this lovely frock. It’s romantic, but a bit muted and dramatic. And for those reasons we heart it.

10. Claudette Dessous A-G Underwire ($70): Trust that this blazing bra is going to feel exactly how a bra should feel. Like it’s not there yet everything is magically being held in place. Cluadette is a lingerie company entirely owned and operated by women, and they tried each and every piece on to make sure everything feels nothing short of awesome.

11. Casablanca Culotte ($160): Enter the bed in these goldenrod wonders and you better believe he’ll be lookin’ at you, kid.

12. Amarante Set ($90): A bra and panty set that doubles as a tropical swimsuit? Sign us up and fire up that hot tub, baby.

13. Bjorn Borg: ($51): Purple people eater? More like purple man eater. Git it, gurl.

14. Cub Fox Photo Boy Shorts ($8): A fox on your crotch. We apparently have a thing for flaunting furry faces on our nether regions… weird? Probably.

15. Staring At Stars Bralette ($34): We wouldn’t suggest going on a vigorous run wearing this cozy topper, but we would suggest snuggling up to someone in your cabin in the woods.

16. Bisou Bisou Azure ($181): We’re absolutely head over heels for the semi-rough finish of this silk and lace looker.

17. Anoushka Shorty ($32): We love color blocking right down to our knickers.

18. Vintage Floral Bralette ($50): Wearing once-loved undergarments might be deemed unappealing by some, but seriously, there’s no other way to find underwear this lovely unless you go the vintage route.

19. Von Follies Set ($89): It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without seeing a little red in the bedroom. Here it is in a whimsical polka dot.

20. Pins & Needles Underwear ($8): These are pretty and cheap. Which is basically the best compliment we can give to anything.

21. Folie Triangle ($110): Okay, we know. That price is steep, like whoa. But it’s all worth it to feel like Jessie Spano in Showgirls for one night. Cue the crazy jazz hands.

22. Boudoir Cotton Floral Lace ($24): Remember the ’90s? We do. And this set is taking us back in the best way possible.

23. Red Rose High-Waisted Set ($68): Part Betty Page, part dominatrix, part Laura Ashley florals –– we’re totally loving the mashup of styles.

24. Bow-Printed Mesh Balconette ($78): The only thing your love needs this V-day is the one and only you. So cover you bubies in bows.

25. Trust Your Insects Bustier ($45): You better believe this bee-decked bustier is going to create a lot of buzz with your honey.

26. Spot Mesh Bralet ($44): And there we went and saved the most romantic option for last. Xoxo, Brit + Co.

What lingerie are you loving on? Let us know in the comments below!