Let’s face it, babies pretty much live in their bibs — especially when they’re in that drooling, putting-everything-in-their-mouth phase. Bibs are necessary accessories to mop up the dribbling and act as a barrier between her lunch and that adorable outfit. Gere are 15 of our favorite stylish bibs that keep baby’s clothes clean and are droolworthy in a whole new way.

1. Scibbi ($18): What do you get when you cross a scarf and a bib? A very stylish bebe.

2. Happy Giraffe ($17): Super absorbent with Velcro fasteners, we’re digging those colorful giraffes.

3. Platinum Petals ($20): This chic bib boasts a catch-all pocket, a magnetic closure and a Teflon covering to keep that cute pattern from getting stained.

4. Galaxy Bib Set ($35): This duo features a whimsical and charming night sky complete with shooting stars, galactic bursts and a pearly-gray color palette.

5. Forest And Stripe Burp Set ($20): We think the fox said this bib is super adorable.

6. Pastel Cloths ($14): Soft and soothing, these pastel burp cloths are just lovely.

7. Jungle Jam ($20): How cheerful are those chunky graphic elephants?!

8. Black And White ($24): What a classy baby in that graphic floral print.

9. Retro Forest ($35): Hoooooo loves this owl bib? We do.

10. Baby Elephants ($12): Keep it classic with a buttery soft cotton bib decorated with a hand-drawn elephant.

11. Coming Up Roses ($35): Make mealtime a very stylish event with this retro floral bib.

12. Citrus Snack ($7): Decorated with lemon and lime colors, this light canvas bib is laminated for easy clean up.

13. Woodland Tumble ($35): Bears and beavers and foxes, oh my!

14. Banda Bibs ($9): Part bandana, part bib this chevron bib will keep baby dry and happy.

15. Cobalt Blossoms ($20): We love the bold color blocking of this modern bib.

Does your baby need any of these stylish bibs? Let us know in the comments below!