It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of bacon, bourbon or beer is #winning at life. You, sir, are the envy of your bacon-less friends, and you know it. We at Bro + Co raise our glasses of Shiner Beer and Bulleit to your ingenuity and craft.

TBH, bacon, bourbon and beer are amazing all on their own, but today let’s talk flavor pairings. Some people in this world worry about wines and cheeses, but we all know what really matters in life… the three essential Bs. Here at Bro + Co, we pulled together the best minds and stuck them in everyone’s favorite conference room (yes, it includes a foosball table) and the most genius infographic (designed by our very own Rosee Canfield) was born.

Download the Ultimate Bacon + Bourbon + Beer Guide for free here.

Whether you’re thinking burgers or waffles, onion rings or bread pudding, we’ve got you covered. Gentlemen, ladies, you can thank us later. Cheers!

(Design by Rosee Canfield, featured image + yummy looking recipe via iamafoodblog)