Update: You guys got us, Bro + Co was an April Fools’ Day joke… but not a bad idea, eh? ;)

Startups go through a lot of changes in their early years.

Sometimes you see proof of this with big management shakeups. Other times, it’s through acquisitions, headline-worthy hirings and (eek) even department-wide firings. Some companies close up shop before you ever get your hands on what it is they’re crowdfunding. And, sometimes, startups go through major branding overhauls.

When I launched Brit + Co over three years ago, the focus was on inspiring women to be creative, but starting today, we’re shifting gears a little. Okay, a lot. In deciding where to take our company next, we did extensive research into who exactly our readers are and found out we were trending with an audience we didn’t even know we had: Men.


We did a major Zack Morris Time Out and reevaluated the direction of the company. Starting today, we’re dropping the Brit and focusing on the Bro. That’s right, from here on out, we’re Bro + Co.


Our mission is and will always be about unlocking creativity and inspiring new ideas. We hope you’ll join us on our new path filled with barrel-aged whiskey, reclaimed wood countertops and plaid. Lots and lots of plaid.


Please share this with your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, son or any other “bro” in your life.

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Are you joining the fun over at Bro + Co? What are you most excited to bro out with us about?