Whether you’re looking for a brunch spot or in need of the nearest pharmacy, giving your phone access to your whereabouts is beyond handy when it comes to location-based recommendations. What seems like a mundane experience — finding the most epic French toast in the city by firing up an app like Yelp — can be credited to localized suggestions thanks to your phone’s GPS. And now, the hospitality industry is jumping on board with the help of beacons.


Beacons have already proven their worth by doing such things as turning museums into multi-sensory experiences and sending customers digital coupons, all via your phone. The Marriott has installed beacons in 14 of its hotels and is beginning to explore whether the information given to guests affects their stay in a positive way. If so, they plan on making big investments in the technology later this year.


So far, so good, it seems. Marriotts are now able to offer perks at nearby restaurants and bars, delivering deals directly to consumers’ phones. As Melanie Ehrenkranz from PSFK puts it, “What could have edged on notification nightmare was actually more of a special offer scavenger hunt. Enter the spa – free day pass (and resort hat!). Walk by the property restaurant – complimentary dessert. Tap to redeem. Swipe to check out amenities.” That sounds like a worthwhile investment to us.


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(h/t PSFK)