We love simplifying everyday tasks with the help of technology, whether we’re transforming our home into a smart house with Iris or DIYing it up with personalized smart tweaks from Little Bits. It’s a total bonus when tech helps us amp up our daily productivity. Now there’s a way to simplify our daily interactions with our smartphones through Signul.

Signul is a beacon system that helps to automate your daily activities. For example, if you leave a Signul device in your car, you can program your phone to launch your favorite music streaming app when you get into your ride. When you turn on your engine, your phone will start playing your jams.

Everything occurs in an IFTTT type of effect that you personalize on the Signul app. It works great for daily tasks such as triggering the kids’ phones to send a text to Mom when they get home or to even trigger your Nest smart home devices when you enter the room. Each beacon costs around $50 and runs on two AA batteries. Beacons connect to your phone through low-energy Bluetooth technology, so your batteries should last for a whole month.

You can even subscribe to someone else’s Signul, which could be useful for professional collaborations. As each person enters the conference room, everyone’s phone brings up the Google Docs so they’re all ready to discuss the latest project. Yup, Signul is definitely racking up some major productivity points in our book.

What would you use Signul for? Any IFTTT combos you’d like to try? Tell us in the comments below!