Quirky desk accessories? Check. Chalkboard paint ordered for the wall behind your desk? Check. Whether you’re redesigning your office or at-home workspace, the next thing you need is the perfect desk chair. Here are 20 chairs that just might fit the bill.

1. Egg Desk Chair ($319): These chairs are egg-cellent.

2. Jones Natural Office Chair ($199): For a more rustic look (yes, you can be rustic at your desk), we love the look of this natural tweed-style fabric.

3. Bindu Side Chair ($817): A good side chair is a must for folks who love to co-work.

4. Saddle Office Chair ($349): Love the diagonal stripes pattern of this one – these would also look great in a living room.

5. Vintage Harter Office Chair ($350): For a vintage vibe, you can always turn to Etsy. This bright yellow piece is sure to add cheer to the office.

6. Kiki Chair ($998): Polka dots are definitely our jam.

7. Jules Swivel ($40): For something basic that does the job done, these Ikea swivel chairs fit the bill.

8. Eames Aluminum Management Chair ($1,500 and up): On the completely other end of the spectrum, we’ve got the classic Eames management chair.

9. Overdyed Terai Chair ($198): How gorgeous are the textiles on these folding chairs?

10. Painted Dot + Mini Dot Airgo Chairs ($149 and up): More polka dots!

11. Saarinen Executive Side Chair with Casters ($1,150): These Saarinen chairs would look right at home at Brit HQ – consider them wishlisted.

12. Blu Dot Hipper Chair ($200 and up): Who knew Target had a mid-century modern section? ;)

13. Swoop Swivel ($119): Another great basic chair, we love all the pop colors this one comes in.

14. Antique Charles Eames Office Chair ($1,200): Go old school with this beautiful antique Eames chair.

15. Dorado Office Chair ($110): Love the rich red hue in this one.

16. Furlicious Airgo + Wingback Chair ($239): Definitely for a very specific design aesthetic and sense of style, these furry chairs are… furlicious.

17. Trailblazer Glove Swivel ($299): This one’s perfect for the baseball fanatic and happens to be really cozy too!

18. White Swivel + Airgo ($299 and up): These basics from Pottery Barn fit into any work environment.

19. Node ($249): It’s a chair, desk, and storage area in one!

20. Industrial Desk Chair ($50): First off, have you checked out Apartment Therapy Classifieds yet? This chair is available to folks in Chicago only. We love the vintage vibe.

Bonus! Disco Chair (concept): Light and color in chair form? YES!

What cool or unusual desk chairs have you seen lately? Talk to us in the comments below.