There are TONS of ways to decorate with marble, but nothing beats a marble kitchen. Whether your style is classic, modern or totally eclectic, you can keep it looking elegant and refined just by using marble. Marble has a smooth texture and aristocratic look that can elevate the style of any space — and there’s no better place to go for style inspiration than Instagram. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our favorite looks for your inspo and viewing pleasure. Without further ado, here are 29 of the chicest, prettiest marble kitchens on Instagram.

1. Classic and Modern: Featuring smooth white marble alongside black appliances and copper accessories, this gorgeous kitchen is the perfect balance of classic and modern. Its clean lines and neutral color palette allow colorful flowers to really pop.

2. Wood Accent Wall: We are completely *in love* with this wood-on-white marble kitchen. The hardwood floors and accent walls provide style and warmth, while the otherwise all-white kitchen employs natural light and plain accessories to keep it looking nice and bright.

3. Gold Finishes: Gold is back in, and we’re not sad about it. Just make sure you keep it modern by minimizing your use of patterns and utilizing clean, modern lines. This is key to keep your kitchen from looking at all ’80s-inspired.

4. Traditional and Family-Friendly: All about that classic look? This elegant kitchen is as spacious as it is custom. It’s also decked to the nines with an updated chandelier, rose gold wreath and professional-grade stove.

5. Wide-Open Contemporary: More into the modern look? This contemporary kitchen uses only the lightest tones of wood, which pick up on the darker colors of its stylish marbled kitchen island. Clean lines, knob-free cabinets and tons of open space add to the minimalist-inspired look.

6. On-Trend With Gold: As further evidence of our affinity for gold, check out this modern, trendy kitchen. Gold light fixtures pick up on the hues of naturally arranged lemons and flowers, while the modern gold faucets stand out against a white tiled backsplash.

7. Arts and Crafts: Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that marble kitchens have to be all-white. This artsy, cozy kitchen puts that idea to rest with a white marble backsplash amid deep forest-green cabinets and walls. The rustic light fixtures, distressed wood ceiling and fine art display really solidify the creative look of the room.

8. Rustic Meets Modern: This room is kept warm and cozy with a wood ceiling, copper accents and rustic dinnerware displayed for all to see. We also ADORE the cherry blossom branches that sit atop the island.

9. Shades of Brown and Black: Yes, you CAN combine brown and black — and to amazingly beautiful results too. This kitchen rendering proves it with black marble against modern brown bamboo-style cabinets. Clean, modern lines and white furniture keep this natural palette looking light and airy.

10. Sleek Contemporary: Gray may get a reputation for being cold, but this contemporary kitchen proves that it’s actually very elegant. Combine it with clean, sparkly glass and you have a kitchen worthy of royalty.

11. Traditional With a Twist: Feminine, family-oriented and completely classic, this kitchen is a major crowd-pleaser. But don’t call it boring — the exotic tiled backsplash and accents of color lend it a slightly eclectic vibe that’s kept in check by the neutrality of the cabinets.

12. Boho-Chic in Marble: Speaking of eclectic, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the marbling itself HAS to be a classic look. This colorful marble countertop picks up on the teal color of the cabinets, while gold fixtures and greenery keep the room looking 100% stylish, modern and on trend.

13. The Bare Necessities: This kitchen will definitely appeal to minimalists. High on style but low on extra frills, this contemporary design features a marble enclave that houses a smooth electric stove. Bonus modernism points for the triangular above-island light fixtures.

14. Romantic With Traditional Lines: Going back to the classic look for a sec, check out this divine kitchen. With its all-white decor, gold fixtures, romantic flowers and cottage-inspired hood, this space is absolutely angelic.

15. City Chic: It’s hard to decide what’s more impressive: this kitchen’s stylish design or its beautiful view. The marble island beautifully contrasts a medium-toned wood seating area and dark gray cabinets. Even more chic are the rose gold pendants that hang above the island.

16. Functional and Friendly: This family-friendly kitchen space features ample seating, clean lines and pops of color via art and rich-toned dining chairs. The bright light that floods the room also keeps it feeling warm and friendly.

17. Paris Meets New York: Lovers of wide-open spaces will adore this kichen, which is half French-inspired and half completely contemporary. The neutral color palette keeps the big, classic European-style windows and detailed wall molding from clashing with the otherwise uber-modern decor.

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18. Warm and Inviting: Here’s a warm, classic family kitchen for you. The white subway tile backsplash and marble island keep things nice and bright, while deep wood tones and bright red accents keep the room feeling warm and cozy.

19. Modern Accents: This space is all about the details. While a black marble island and clean, modern countertops are undoubtedly stylish, it’s the contemporary lamps, organized displays and hanging pots that really give this room its character.

20. 90 Degrees of Style: Talk about playing with angles! This kitchen’s dramatic accent wall plays with the modern-feeling 90-degree angle, drawing the eye directly to this interesting focal point.

21. Simple and Clean: Of course, sometimes you don’t need dramatic angles to make your kitchen look amazing. The simplicity of this design speaks for itself, with clean lines, a marble island and copper accents basking in the warm light that floods directly into the space.

22. Gold-Plated: Looking for something a little different? Get inspired by this super-stylish gold kitchen! The gold cabinets don’t look at all tacky next to elegant white marble and a mirrored wall. The effect makes this tiny galley kitchen look big, bright and airy.

23. Focus on Materials: Is that CORK on those barstools?! Why yes, yes it is. And it looks absolutely amazing next to this white marble island complemented by rose gold pendants and dark gray cabinetry.

24. Art Deco-Inspired Modern: Gold and marble finishes amplify the art deco-inspired aspect of this otherwise classic kitchen. And the built-in bookshelf and glass-fronted cabinets certainly don’t hurt the look, either.

25. Elegant and Simple: If refinery is your goal, this kitchen pulls it off to spectacular effect. This kitchen looks 100% designer-made, featuring marbled walls, dark gray cabinets and under-cabinet lighting.

26. Light Tones With a Gray Backsplash: If you thought you needed to use gray in your cabinets to pick up on the darker tones of your marble, you’d be wrong. This kitchen uses light-toned wood cabinets, and instead opts to highlight the marble colors in its reflective gray backsplash.

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27. Chevron Floors and a Marble Island: If you can force yourself to look away from the GORGEOUS chevron-inspired floor of this kitchen, you’ll see an equally beautiful, custom marble island that’s as functional as it is pretty. Bonus points for the fine art display too.

28. All About Neutrals: Gaze upon this light brown- and gray-toned room, which uses its neutral palette to the fullest by focusing on pattern and texture, rather than color. The similarly toned colors allow for vast experimentation with concrete, marble and wood finishes throughout the room.

29. Mix ‘n’ Match: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: It’s totally cool to mix and match chairs, as long as they have the same general level of neutrality and style. This kitchen proves it with three black barstools and one white one, all of which are complemented by the marble in the kitchen island.

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