Confession: I’m a total mascara junkie. I don’t feel complete without putting some (a lot) on my eyelashes every day. There are a bajillion different types, formulas and brands out there, and I swear, I’ve tried all of them — okay, maybe not *all* of them, but I’m well on my way. I’ve never found one that I am absolutely in love with though. If you’re anything like me, it’s an endless cycle that leaves me spending a lot of money on tubes I try and then toss for one reason or another. I realized one day that I like certain things about certain mascaras — like a brush from one tube and a formula from another — so I decided to DIY my own!

mascarahack2 copy

I mix and match mascara brushes with different formulas to create the perfect mascara. I know it’s super weird, but if you think about it, it makes *total sense*. Often I do this because a brush from one tube works so much better with the formula of another mascara. I will say that the brushes don’t always screw on perfectly, but that’s okay — you can keep the wands on their normal tubes until you’re ready to switch ‘em up.


What It Is: You can use any mascara formula you love + any mascara brush you love for this makeup hack to work. The hardest part, really, is finding a brush that works for you, because there are so many different types: curved, plastic, soft bristles, fat brush, skinny brush… the list goes on. I personally prefer a slightly stiff, skinny, plastic-bristled wand because I find I can use it like a lash comb — a couple sweeps through your lashes and you’ll be clump-free. I don’t find that soft-bristled brushes give that same effect. Once you’ve settled on a formula, just swap out the brush and you’ve got your own DIYed mascara that’s perfect for the look you’re trying to achieve.


Where You Can Find It: You can DIY your own mascara at home — just pick your mascara(s) of choice at the drugstore, department store, online, Sephora, anywhere.

Who Should Use It: If you want killer lashes, you should give this hack a try! It’s so easy to do and the possibilities are endless: You can literally do this with any mascara on the planet. It might take a couple tries to find your perfect combo, but once you do, you’ll have a total “aha” beauty moment. Be prepared for fluttery eyelashes and lots of butterfly kisses ;)

How You Should Apply It: You apply your DIY mascara just as you would any other — sweep up from the roots of your lashes to the tips. Some of my current favorite combos to apply are: Maybelline Colossal brush + Maybelline The Falsies formula (the Colossal brush is fat but soft-bristled while the Falsies formula volumizes and lengthens); Rimmel Volume Accelerator brush + Revlon Grow Luscious formula (the Volume Accelerator brush is my all-time fave because it’s like a lash comb, and the Grow Luscious formula keeps your lashes healthy and long); L’Oreal Voluminous brush+ Rimmel Wonder’Lash formula (I love the classic Voluminous brush because it *never* clumps up and the Wonder’Lash formula keeps your lashes super soft).


Why This Is My Beauty Confession: This mascara hack is so handy. I save money because I no longer have to try out a bunch of different mascaras — now, I know exactly which brush I like — and can get my eyelashes to look great every time. Not to toot my own horn, but it is a pretty genius makeup trick ;)

Do you have any makeup hacks to share? Post your hacks in the comment section below.