There’s no doubt the Solo cup has aided us in having some of the most epic weekends during our college days — and maybe even some more recent ones, you party animal you! But we’re just about ready to graduate to a next-level drinking game that leaves the famous red cup behind. So long, Solo! Say hello to our — and soon to be your — favorite new drinking game: bowling with pin-shaped beer bottles.

The highly conceptual drink was created by designer Constantin Bolimond to demonstrate that product packaging can be so much more than an easily tossable and so un-fun bag, box, can or bottle. As long as the shape is somewhat relatable, it could, in fact, stand on its own as a completely secondary object. His kooky creation reimagines the packaging of a standard six pack as a bowling set, complete with a matching ball. Your office happy hour will never be the same.

To quench your thirst, remove the tops of the gorgeous wooden pins and pop the cap to start sippin’. When your drink is empty, no need to look for the nearest recycling bin or save the refuse for a rainy day: just place the top back on and get ready to wind up! Game on!

This is one concept we’re itching to get on a crowdfunding site. But not just for the mini pin x brew set: We want an entire line of 2-in-1 products + packaging that makes reusing your resources insanely enjoyable. Our fingers are crossed for personal pizza packaging that lives on as a frisbee. Come on, Constantin, make a girl’s dream come true!

(h/t Fast Co.)

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