Ben Higgins Says Kissing Someone “Would Be Really Hard” After His Split from Lauren Bushnell
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Ben Higgins Says Kissing Someone “Would Be Really Hard” After His Split from Lauren Bushnell

Different strokes for different folks, as they say, and that’s certainly true when it comes to getting over a serious relationship. One example of this is Lauren Bushnell, who has a new man in her life, and Ben Higgins, who just shared that he’s not ready to even think about kissing someone new after breaking off his engagement to Bushnell.

“If I were to kiss somebody right now in my life, it would hold a lot of weight,” Higgins told his cohost and fellow Bachelor nation alum Ashley Iaconetti on Monday’s episode of their Almost Famous podcast. While some people prefer a lighthearted fling after a deep relationship, it seems like Higgins is the sort who puts a lot of value in each and every kiss.

“It would be really hard for me,” he continued. “Right now, for me to kiss anybody … my chest kind of gets tight. I know that’s really difficult for me.”

He also explained why he has avoided talking about his relationship status post-split. “This kind of stuff, dating and relationships, are things that are very sensitive to me right now. It’s just not something I want to talk about right now, honestly,” he admitted. “I don’t know when I’m ready [to date].”

Which is not to say he hasn’t thought about it. “Honestly, as tempted as I am and as much as I do desire relationships, like I do — I desire commitment and I desire to emotionally attach myself to somebody … I am forcing myself to get to know myself better, to find myself a little bit, to figure out who I am now. Once I do that — I don’t know when that is — hopefully I’ll have somebody then in my life who will tell me they love me and I’ll know it.”

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