When the iPhone6 was first released, the ultra thin design was a catalyst to the major #bendgate crisis of 2015. While customers were terrified that their $700+ devices were bending on accident while in a pocket, it now looks like that’s a feature being created on purpose.

A few years ago, Samsung released a concept for a tablet that folds into a phone. They released a concept video for the device in 2013 (watch the video demo above). According to Bloomberg, that idea might finally become a reality by early next year. One of the models in the works is set to “fold in half like a cosmetic compact,” while another will have a five-inch screen that can be unfolded into an 8-inch screen. The phone + tablet hybrid is created using an OLED that allows for thinner displays, brighter colors and longer battery life.

Taking Samsung’s idea a little bit further, Lenovo also just announced plans to create their own version of a bendable phone at Lenovo’s Tech World conference on Thursday. According to Mashable, YouTube personality Meghan McCarthy demoed the new product by pulling out what looked like an ordinary smartphone and proceeded to bend it around her wrist (not unlike the slap bracelets of your youth). Lenovo didn’t announce a potential release date for the flexible tech, but they did say it would likely cost a little more than the average phone. Womp, womp. Not going to lie though, we’d probably still splurge on the futuristic device.

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