Ever get those feels at the end of the year, when you’re thinking about the good times, the bad, that app you joked about developing, that birthday bash you threw for your bestie, not to mention the countless happy hours with your squad where you basically ruled the night? That nostalgia is a force to be reckoned with, but what about the feels when you cross off December 31 on that wall calendar that’s been with you since day one? We know. You might not be able to replace last year’s wall art in all its glory, but the beauty of the 12-month calendar is that every four weeks, you get to turn a new leaf. January 2016 should be no different. Snatch up one of these stunners STAT so that you don’t spend a single day of the New Year without that quintessential organizer brightening up your office.

1. Gem Calendar ($28): This one is literally a gem (sorry not sorry for that solid pun!). Both prim and rugged, refined and wild, this watercolor calendar was made for any gal’s wall.

2. Jungle Calendar ($28): If you were packing for your next Amazonian adventure, you probably wouldn’t stuff this rainforest-inspired calendar into your knapsack, but if you’re only dreaming of encounters with panthers sleeping in trees with the toucans and spider monkeys, this artsy calendar is for you.

3. Jungle Weekly Desk Pad ($12): Want to take the untamable wilderness one step further? Keep all of the wild on this weekly organizer so that the rest of your life is as clear cut as the park lawn.

4. Astrology Calendar ($22): If reading your weekly horoscope feels like looking in the mirror, have we got the calendar for you. Say goodbye to those silly Gregorian months and start marking the days based on the stars. Yep. This doozy will help you keep track of all the astrological happenings during 2016.

5. Healing Wreaths Calendars ($25): When you’re hard at work during the weekday grind, sometimes you need a burst of brightness to get you through ’til your lunch break. This colorful wreath is just what you need. Each watercolored image on archival bamboo paper emits a different aura, so choose whether your year needs more energy, health, harmony or happiness.

6. Birds of Paradise Calendar ($32): Until you can actually open up your window and let a warm summer breeze into your office, install this portal to paradise where you can see it. Your imagination will take flight when it beholds the vibrant colors and regal feathered creatures.

7. Color Block Planner ($18): Sometimes a busy bee just doesn’t have time to stop and admire the rose-adorned wall calendar. Tuck this portable planner into your clutch or tote and take it on the go.

8. Chalkboard Calendar Decal ($50): Moms and kitchen gurus: This peel-and-stick weekly chalkboard has your name written all over it. Just picture it: grocery lists, farmers markets, appointments or after-school pickups. The possibilities are endless!

9. The Imagined Desks of Historical Women Calendar ($16): Double down on the two most crucial inspos of all with this meaningful calendar. Portraying equal parts workspace and #girlboss goals, this feminist calendar lets you take a peek into the worlds of badass ladies from Rosie the Riveter and Betsy Ross to Sacagawea and Frida Kahlo.

10. Vertical Calendar ($26): Simple + sweet, this calendar is a minimalist’s dream. Plus, it emphasizes the best days of each month: weekends! Don’t want to commit that much wall space, or cash for that matter? No sweat. This mini version ($8) might lack in stature, but it brings just as much game to your salon wall.

11. Loose Desk Calendar ($25): So there are calendars, and there are stunning calendars. This number falls in that latter category. Each month features a bold, oversized number accented by the traditional calendar days and a colorful pattern on the back. For some easy DIY wall art, hang all 12 loose sheets on your wall, only exposing one month at a time.

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