Ahhh, happy hour. It’s amazing how those two little words can make you feel so dang happy. Unfortunately, getting to happy hour can be a total buzzkill sometimes. Depending on where you live, there might be too many options to choose from (lucky you!), or your friends might want to look at the menu before committing, while another friend wants to know beforehand what the guy to girl ratio is like there… UGH. These apps keep things simple so you can spend the night focusing on what you wanted to do in the first place: drink and have fun. Best of all, they are all free. So get reading and then get going. Cheers!


1. PricePerPint: This genius app is the fastest way to figure out where to go for drinks. It’s a Google Map of your surroundings with little wine-glass icons showing how much the wine costs at the bar it’s pinpointing. Not a wine drinker? You can change the settings so it shows cocktail or beer prices instead. Icons colored red indicate where the happy hours are. So, when you’re with your friends and wondering where to go next, you can say, “Hey, $3 cabernets at that bar down the street.” Done and done. (Free on iOS and Android)


2. Transitory: This app is at its most helpful when you’ve already been drinking a while or when you’re planning a big event. Say you’re out at the bar and someone wants to meet up with you but you don’t know the exact cross streets. Through Transitory, you can text a URL link that goes to a Google Map of your exact location. It’s also awesome to use in a group text if you want to tell a bunch of people to come meet you. Right now it’s only available for iOS but we’re hoping an Android version will be released soon. (Free on iOS)


3. Happy Hour Finder: Similar to PricePerPint, this app pulls up a map of the happy hours nearest to you. It gives you the quick rundown you need, like how long the happy hour lasts and all the awesome drink specials that will be there. (Free on iOS and Android)


4. Mixology: If you’re getting happy hour started at home, mixology can be your bartender. After you enter the alcohol and mixers you have to work with, it will come up with the recipes for you. Besides, who needs overpriced cocktails when you can whip up something just as fancy yourself? (Free on iOS and Android)


5. YPlan: If you’re looking to extend your night out and make it one to really remember, this is the perfect app for you. YPlan tells you everything going on in your city for the night, such as concerts, sports games or cool cultural events. It even lets you buy your tickets right then and there. Yay for apps that make life easier and more organized! (Free on iOS and Android)


6. UrbanDaddy: Social and lifestyle website UrbanDaddy has an awesome app that can help you pick a bar based on who you’re with, the area you want to go and the vibe you’re looking for. So, if you’re with a big group of friends and feel like dancing, it will suggest a bunch of places for you to go. Or if you’re looking for someplace cozy to bring a date, there are plenty of options for that too. (Free on iOS and Android)


7. Untappd: Okay beer snobs, this one is for you. Untappd shows you a map of nearby bars and lists the beers they have on draft. You can also share what you end up ordering and rate it on the app, which is a cool way to share beer recommendations with friends… or just random beer lovers. We’re pretty sure there’s a smooth dating move in there somewhere. (Free on iOS and Android)


8. Stupid Phone Call Blocker: As of right now, this one is just for Android users, but we’re hoping it can make its way onto iOS real soon. Why? This genius app can prevent you from making some pretty bad decisions. Basically, it can stop you from calling or hooking up with an ex by blocking all incoming and outgoing calls and texts. The only downside is that it only lets you block one person at a time… so here’s hoping you don’t have too many exes in your phonebook that you have a tendency to call after a few cocktails. (Free on Android)


9. Boppl: We’ve all been there: You head to the bar after work to catch up with your friends over drinks and bad bar food, but instead of getting to dive into the girl talk right away, you have to wait for everyone to look over the menu and order. Total vibe killer, right? Boppl lets you place your order before you get there so you can get straight to talking. (Free on iOS and Android)

Do you use any apps on this list? Did we leave an awesome one out? Tell us in the comments.