With those New Year’s resolutions in mind and that Christmas cash burning a hole in your pocket, why not start 2016 by investing in some seriously chic athleisure pieces? Because if there is anything that will inspire you to hit up the gym, it’s a brand new outfit. Just like no two bodies are the same, your activewear wardrobe should also be tailored to show off your favorite physical traits. This week we’re highlighting 10 pieces of activewear that will make your booty look amazing. We can’t all have that Kardashian kind of derrière, but these pieces are sure to get you at least a fraction of the way there.


1. Crane and Lion Lightwear Capri Pant ($85): With an elegant mid-rise and curved seams, these pastel capris will do wonders for both your hips and your bum.


2. Lululemon Meshed Up Short ($58): If you’re looking for a little bit of extra support, these two-in-one shorts come equipped with a Spanx-like lining that’s meant to keep everything smooth and in place.


3. Lupo Butt Booster Seamless Yoga Leggings ($72): With three color options to choose from, these “butt booster” leggings feature strategic shaping panels that actively sculpt and smooth your curves.


4. Nina B. Roze’s Heart Butt Legging ($98): With an elegant heart-shaped stitch in back, this design does a flawless job showing off your best asset (pardon the pun).


5. From Thick to Thin Tank ($24): Snag this flowy tank as a reminder that excuses are not an option if you want to keep your rear end looking great.


6. Outdoor Voices Court Skort ($65): If you’re looking to smooth out those curves in style, ditch the classic legging for this trendy skort. Because who says skorts are only suitable for tennis?


7. Bon Bon Up Slimming Leggings ($60): With curved and colored side panels that wrap around the top of the butt, these compression leggings are kind of the ultimate activewear trifecta: slimming, stylish and practical.


8. Target Padded Bike Capri Pant ($35): If you just splurged on a bunch of SoulCycle passes, you might want to snag these padded pants ASAP. With a little bit of extra cushioning in the butt, these will definitely make that hour-long class a little more comfortable. If you want to wear them even when you’re not on a bike, your secret is safe with us.


9. Athleta 2 in 1 Tight ($51): If you’re into the skort idea but need something a little more winter friendly, this double-duty combo is an easy way to get the best of both worlds.


10. Burnout Hoodie ($18): Feeling a little self-conscious about having your bottom on full display in those running tights? Slip on this longline hoodie for some extra coverage that doesn’t look sloppy.

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