The best way to get yourself up in the morning is no longer a mystery. As the days get shorter, starry skies last longer and the mornings are dark, dragging yourself out of your warm bed becomes a serious struggle. Luckily, we found these awesome alarm apps that will get you up and literally moving, or at least get your brain in gear for the day. Regardless of which you choose, you鈥檙e definitely not going to be hitting snooze when these alarms go off.


1. Cuukuu: With Cuukuu, you can sync your schedule with your friends鈥 agendas and motivate each other. You can add pictures, chat and share alerts to make sure your friends don鈥檛 forget about important events like Sunday brunch. Challenge your friends to see who wakes up the fastest or reaches the next level first.

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2. SleepCycle: When you put your phone under your pillow, SleepCycle tracks your sleep so that it can wake you up when you鈥檙e in your lightest phase of your sleep cycle. That means a blaring siren won鈥檛 jolt you from REM dreamland. The gentle wakeup makes it much easier to pull yourself out of bed in the morning. As an added bonus, the app also tracks your sleep, so you can keep an eye on your sleep patterns.

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3. Wake 鈥榥 Shake: The Wake 鈥榥 Shake alarm is serious. There is no snooze button, and you can鈥檛 lower the volume. In order to turn off the alarm, you need to vigorously shake your iPhone. You can adjust the intensity, earn achievements and also set quick naps. The Wake 鈥榥 Shake will have you wide-eyed at any hour, albeit a little jumbled.

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4. Morning Routine: This app combats the snooze habit by requiring an activity to turn the alarm off. Scan a barcode, set it to send you directly to another app like Brit + Co or set up a sequence with multiple steps that each have their own requirements. If you鈥檙e worried about waking up the whole house, never fear! Morning Routine has a 鈥渟mart feature鈥 that mutes the alarm while you鈥檙e in motion. Your roommates will be grateful.

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5. Wakie: Conversations wake up your brain and force you to think. The creators of Wakie have taken that concept and run with it. With Wakie, you can wake up to a phone call from someone in a different part of the country 鈥 or a different part of the world. The phone calls go through Wakie, so nobody ever sees your phone number or anything more than what you put on your profile. You can choose to wake someone else up, or just use it to help you get out of bed. The calls are only a minute long (Wakie shuts it down after that), which is just enough time to get your neurons firing.

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6. Pandora: You probably already have this on your phone, but did you know it has an awesome alarm function? You can set the Pandora alarm to wake you up to your favorite station every morning, or pick a new station every night so that your morning entertainment is always a surprise. If you鈥檙e generally grumpy in the morning, set it to your favorite comedian or comedy station and wake up with some laughs!

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7. Morning Sun: This app mimics sunlight to give the illusion that the sun is rising when you are. It controls your screen鈥檚 brightness, gradually glowing brighter 30 minutes before you are due to wake up. The slow increase in light helps you wake up naturally, like you would if the sun was actually shining through your windows in the wee morning hours. You can also wake up to the sound of birds chirping. It鈥檚 way better than the blaring alarm horn we usually set.

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8. Swiftime: This app was made for people who struggle to get places on time (#guilty). Swiftime features voice alerts that count down how much time you have left until you head out. It鈥檚 like a butler for your time management. Whether you鈥檙e just trying to hold yourself accountable or trying to manage a whole family, this app will be a huge help.

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Which app do you want to try? Tell us in the comments below!