A nightly ritual is crucial to signaling to both your mind and body that it’s time for sleep. Sure, washing your face and brushing your teeth constitute a suitably simple bedtime routine, but why not do the most you can? If you’re stuck in a bedtime rut, tossing and turning for hours and waking up less than refreshed, read on for a slew of potent products and healthy wind-down tips that’ll help you embrace this sacred time of day and prep yourself for your best sleep yet.

1. Goop G.Nite Bedtime Bath Soak ($35): If you’re not yet a bedtime bather, you might convert after trying this stress-fighting soak. Bathing helps raise your body temperature by one or two degrees, and the cool-down period post-tub-time will help you shift into a deeper sleep state sooner. This blend contains the all-over muscle relaxer valerian root, plus passionflower and hops, which are potent sleep aids. Epsom and sea salts bring on the calming, grounding minerals.

2. This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle ($46): Maximize the relaxation vibes with this super-soothing candle, formulated with aromatherapeutic lavender and chamomile for a one-way ticket to Dream Town, USA. Plus, there’s something elemental and so very hygge about only using candles after dusk. (Just don’t fall asleep with the flame lit, okay?)

3. Pukka Night Time Tea ($6): Bedtime tea connoisseurs swear by this blend’s ability to knock you out cold after a long day. The herby concoction contains oat flower (great for anxiety), lavender (used for centuries to promote deep sleep), and limeflower (used to calm a racing mind).

4. Kin Euphorics High Rhode ($47): Need something a little stronger than tea? Alcohol may help you feel drowsy, but it negatively affects how you cycle through sleep, says Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites, Reverie Sleep Advisory Board Member and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Sleep Disorder Center at University of Michigan. Enter: Kin Euphorics’ formulas, which are all about bliss without the booze. Combining soothing adaptogens like rhodiola, nootropics like GABA, and herbal botanicals like hibiscus and licorice, it’s a totally new kind of nightcap.

5. Felix Gray Turing Glasses ($95+): The blue light emitted by electronic devices tell your internal rhythms that it’s time to wake up instead of wind down, says Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO of Reverie. The workaround for when you just can’t stop watching? Sporting a pair of sleep glasses. These pretty frames have blue-light blocking lenses to help increase melatonin secretion, so you can still catch up on your Netflix queue before bed without the ensuing insomnia.

6. BlanQuil Chill Weighted Cooling Blanket ($250): “We actually sleep better when we are a bit cooler — ideally the room temperature is around 68 degrees for optimal sleep,” says Dr. Dore-Stites. If you don’t have total control over the A/C or want to cut back on energy usage, a cooling blanket is the next best thing. Weighted in options of 15 or 20 pounds, the Chill uses heat-dispersing fabric that wicks moisture and absorbs body heat, which helps bring your core temperature just a little lower for restful results.

7. MegaFood Melatonin Berry Good Sleep Gummies ($27): A sleep-aid hormone that’s naturally produced by the body, melatonin brings on really good rest. When you’re extra anxious, try these gummies — naturally flavored with stress-fighting organic wild blueberries and tart cherries — about an hour before bed, and wait for the sweet dreams to settle in.

8. The Snoozeletter Newsletter (free): Skip the Insta scrolling in favor of a little light reading. This newsletter dedicated to all things sleep sends out a list of interesting reads — AKA bedtime stories — every worknight (Sunday through Thursday), plus midnight snack recipes, sleep mantras, song recs, and more to help you drift off. Just be sure to don your blue-light-blocking frames while you devour the latest issue (see #5!).

9. Reverie Sweet Slumber Adjustable Pillow ($115): Be honest: When was the last time you bought a new pillow? Old pillows may be too flattened to adequately support good alignment, says Rawls-Meehan. Back or side sleepers should look for a medium height, slightly firm pillow to support the neck, while stomach sleepers should seek out a soft, flat pillow. The Reverie Sweet Slumber pillow is great for all options, as it comes with two cushy, hypoallergenic natural latex inserts that you can add or remove to suit your nightly preference.

10. Wild Friends Chocolate Hazelnut Spread ($12): Can’t stop thinking about a mini midnight snack? The healthiest options combine complex carbs with a little protein to keep you satiated and hitting those deep sleep cycles all night long. We love this delectable roasted hazelnut and cocoa spread on apple slices as a late-night treat packed with good fats and slow-burning carbs.

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