Now that grilling season’s firing up, we’ve got barbecue on the brain. Since grilled food is only as good as the grill you use, it’s time to take a look at the best grills out there. Without entering into the charcoal vs. gas debate or hashing out the difference between barbecuing and grilling, we’re zoning in on the options that provide solid performance — the ones that offer a lot of bang for your buck. Since we’re pretty serious about our food, you can bet we’re pretty serious about the cooking equipment we use, too. Read on to discover our top grill picks!

1. Weber Genesis ($800): Weber Grills are simply the gold standard when it comes to backyard grilling, and the Genesis line is one of the most popular, offering solid performance and a beautiful design. It comes with three burners and a high heat “sear station,” ideal for producing those beautiful restaurant-quality sear marks. The Genesis series are available in both propane and natural gas models, and with more than 600 inches of cooking space, you’ll have no problem cooking for a crowd.

2. Coleman Roadtrip LXE Propane Grill ($147): Skip the soggy sandwiches and take your camping/road-tripping adventures to the next level with delicious grilled meals. The Coleman Roadtrip LXE is not your average portable grill. While most others are tabletop varieties that only have room for a burger or two, this grill features 285 inches of cooking space and collapsible legs that make it easy to tote and stow.

3. The Weber One Touch Kettle Series ($100): Okay, real talk here, folks. If you’re looking for bells and whistles on this Weber, you won’t find them. While it’s not the fanciest, it is one of the most highly rated charcoal grills on the market. It’s just hard to beat a Weber. The design is solid, cleanup is simple and, coming in at just 100 bucks, it’s really quite a bargain. Pick a size, pick a color and get ready to enjoy some sizzling-good chow.

4. The Big Green Egg ($350 – $1,100): It’s a grill. It’s an oven. It’s a smoker! If you’re the type who takes outdoor cooking very seriously, you’ll love this kamado-style cooker. It has outdoor cooking down to a science. This grill is extremely efficient, burning small amounts of charcoal for hours, and its state-of-the-art ceramic cooking technologies provide amazing insulation, helping the food to cook quickly and evenly. The precise temperature control allows you to cook at exact temperatures (very high or very low); how’s that for taking the guesswork out of grilling? The BGE is available in six sizes, from the XXL that can easily house 35 to 40 burgers, to the Mini Egg, a small solution for camping or barbecuing off your balcony. Owning The Egg will cost you a pretty penny, but there’s a lifetime warranty to persuade you to soothe that Green Egg envy. This might just be the last grill you’ll ever need to buy.

5. Broil King Regal Pro ($942): Whether you’re a newbie or a grill master, this grill can meet your needs. Four burners generate up to 50,000 total BTUs, meaning that cooking heat won’t be a problem. An electronic ignition system makes start-up a breeze, and the Flav-R-Wave Cooking system protects the burners and prevents flare-ups by instantly turning drippings into vapor, which in turn infuses your food with that incredible smokey flavor. One of the biggest benefits of this gas grill is the built-in rotisserie burner. Make your choice between the natural gas or propane model and get ready to inspire some serious grill envy among the neighbors!

6. Weber Spirit Liquid Propane Gas Grill ($400): It’s another legendary Weber. We just couldn’t ignore the 300+ five-star customer reviews this Weber boasts on Amazon. Even though it’s among the most affordable in its class, it features heavy cast iron grates — meaning you can expect great heat retention and perfect grill marks every time. We were excited to find a grill that’s easy to assemble, easy to clean and large enough for a family meal, but small enough to store easily. For a basic grill, this baby has some beautiful features.

7. Char-Griller Kamando Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker ($349): A Kamando-style means more heat with less charcoal. Its multipurpose versatility will allow you to grill up a pizza or slow-roast a brisket. It boasts the same high-quality insulation as traditional ceramic cookers — but this one’s made from coated steel, making it a lighter and more affordable option. The juiciest meat you will ever eat just might come off the Char-Griller.

What grill makes you want to get your barbecue on? Share your top faves in the comments!