We have mega love for all things LEGO at Brit + Co., so the recent announcement revealing an all-new female-focused minifigure set as the next LEGO Idea to be produced has us super stoked! The set is titled “Research Institute” and will feature an astronomer, chemist and paleontologist. And, yup, all are women. The idea was submitted by Dr. Ellen Kooijman, a Geochemist from Stockholm. Dr. Kooijman wanted to submit her girl powered minifigures to “…show that girls can become anything they want, including a paleontologist or an astronomer.” We couldn’t agree more.

Plus, she didn’t stop there! If you explore her submission (below!) she even included the possibilities of a falconer, a judge and a robotics engineer.

We’re excited to see LEGO promoting more toys featuring women, which will help encourage girls to explore any career path that suits their passion — especially if it might open them up to more STEM-related pursuits. As fellow builders, champions of innovation and believers in the power to do what you set your mind to, we are anxious to get our hands on this glass ceiling-breaking set. Plus, the LEGO dinosaur looks like it would be a pretty incredible addition to our desks.

Interested in submitting your own stellar LEGO Idea? The process is simple, and a collaborative effort similar to how Quirky works. Head over to ideas.lego.com and submit your idea. Once an idea has received 10,000 votes from the community, it will go to the LEGO Idea review board.

Dr. Kooijman’s “Research Institute” set is expected to hit shelves this August. The next round for review includes a range of submissions, including the set from Big Bang Theory. Who wouldn’t want a LEGO Sheldon? Be sure to stay tuned as LEGO Ideas continues to bring brilliance from around the world into tiny pieces of inspiration to add to your favorite sets.

Hmm… we’re contemplating what our submission would be. Maybe a replica of B+C SF with mini 3D printers, cool inventions and all?! We think it’d be great to represent the Makers of the world, especially if they just happen to be women who were once little girls with big dreams :)

What about you? Share your idea for the next set of LEGO awesomeness in the comments below.

(h/t Mashable)