There’s no better way to freshen up your space than with wall art. Art can turn any boring white wall into a beautiful gallery in your very own home, and who doesn’t want that?! The tough part is picking the art. You could make your own or peruse Etsy for hours — alright, days — but ain’t nobody got time for that. That’s where Papirmass comes in.

Papirmass is a subscription service that delivers curated art to your doorstep every month. Do you know what this means?! You can easily (and affordably) build a gallery wall in your living room, that’s what. Not to mention the fun that comes with receiving good ol’ fashion snail mail every 30 days.

The service costs $69 for the year, which equals about $5.75 per print, plus free shipping. Each piece will arrive with art on one side and writing on the other, so you can decide which to showcase. Every print will be from a different artist and a different author, which means you’ll be exposed to 24 talented makers in a year’s time. The prints range from 5 x 7 inches to 18 x 24 inches and, some months, your mail will include more than one print. Surprise!

Papirmass makes an awesome gift (hint, hint). It’s great for birthdays, anniversaries (the first year anniversary is all about paper), housewarmings and holiday time. Or you could just treat yo’self.

If you absolutely adore a print that has already been issued, you can purchase any of them for $10 on the Papirmass site. Frames are not included with these or with the subscription, so be sure to check out this, this and this for display ideas.

Are you ready to sign up for Papirmass? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!