You know something crazy? According to New York Fashion Week, overalls are back this spring. We know. It’s hard to believe. While we do love all things denim, we’re not sure if we’re totally on board with this old trend yet. In order to become more informed on the subject (that’s what we’re all about), we scoured the online fashion world and found 23 pairs of overalls that we’d say are pretty rad. What say you, friends? Yay or nay?

1. Warehouse Denim Overall ($113): We thought we’d start off with a simple pair. By rule of thumb, overalls are generally pretty casual, but the dark tone of this denim makes it a little more formal.

2. Jovonnista Hebe Overall Jumpsuit ($66): Okay, here’s the first exception to that rule of thumb. These are fancy overalls.

3. Nasty Gal Sweet Tennessee Overalls ($78): This is ingenious. If overalls go out of style again, you can still keep this pair. As it turns out, you actually can find transforming shorts without the lame-o zippers. Handy!

4. ASOS Overalls in Twill ($36): We’re all about color and these twill overalls. We really love that striped top with these!

5. Lavish Alice Overalls in Tiger Print ($32): Lions and tigers and bears… oh my! We never thought there’d be a day when we’d be looking at a pair of overalls with tiger heads all over them, but that day has come. We’d definitely rock these with a bright contrasting tee.

6. Forever 21 Gallery Girl Overalls ($25): These Gallery Girl overalls are unique, since the front isn’t as tall as usual. They kind of give the illusion of suspenders! Hooray for more ’90s trends!

7. Monki Denim Overall ($49): We just had to include a classic to this collection or it wouldn’t be complete.

8. ASOS Spot Print Overalls ($43): We’re seeing spots! We included a lot of plain black overalls, so we love that this dark pair is decorated with contrasting white spots. These would look great with a pop of color too.

9. ASOS Overalls With Slouch Back Detail ($24): These super casual overalls look excellent with those Chucks. Seriously, we want this entire outfit.

10. Jen’s Pirate Booty Enchanted Forest Overalls ($348): It’s a little pricey, but we just had to share this beautiful embroidery work. And that wide-legged bottom? Wow.

11. Free People Stephens Relaxed Overall ($168): These show off another popular ’90s trend: ripped jeans. With that awesome design, these boho chic overalls would feel at home at a music festival.

12. Nasty Gal Hidden Bloom Overalls ($36): Floral patterns are always welcome during the spring, no exceptions. PS: We love those shoes.

13. BB Dakota Ray Overalls ($105): These are awesomely casual. We’ve noticed that crop tops + overalls are a recurring combination, and we love it.

14. ASOS Jumpsuit in Floral Print ($25): ASOS does it again. They’re excellent at using unique fabrics to create overalls. Oh, excuse us. We meant “dungarees.”

15. Anthropologie Pegged Velvet Overalls ($160): Velvet?! We know, it shocked us too. In the best way possible.

16. Vicky Joe Love Potion Overalls ($146): What better way to celebrate the return of overalls than with the color of the year?

17. Vicky Joe Dark Ditz Overalls ($146): Apparently if you wear these overalls, you’re a ditz. Whelp. Consider us ditzes then.

18. Sweet Sunday Overalls ($19): This simplistic pair of overalls is our favorite. They’re super versatile and could probably be paired with almost anything you want, though we think this outfit is perfect.

19. Modcloth Sassy Stripes Overalls ($50): Exhibit your sassiness with these sassy overalls. You won’t be sorry.

20. Lush Knit Overalls ($48): Yowza! That’s a lot of printed fabric, but it’s still fabulous. Also, this knit pair looks extremely comfortable and perfect for summer.

21. Line + Dot Tailored Overalls ($118): This wins the award for the best formal pair of overalls we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. It’s pure class.

22. ShopMorphologie Leather Overall Dress ($59): Rock an edgier look with this leather overall dress! We could definitely see the girl version of Uncle Jesse wearing this getup.

23. Sailboat Overalls ($23): For a very summery feel, check out this sailboat-adorned pair of overalls. It would be perfect to wear over your swimsuit at the beach.

Which pair of overalls would you love to rock? Share it with us in the comments below!