Fitness trackers are awesome. They can help you lose weight, be more active and accomplish your fitness goals. It feels like there’s a new wearable fitness tracker coming out every few months, and while we love them, there’s a lot of other amazing fitness tech out there that has *nothing* to do with counting steps. Get the full rundown below on all the coolest new devices and concepts that’ll help you get stronger, faster, and fitter.


1. Activ5 ($100): If you sit at work all day, this device might be right up your alley. This fun little pod fits in the palm of your hand and is used in conjunction with an app to coach you through five-minute workouts that you can do either sitting or standing. It’s a great way to break up your day, especially if you’re feeling that afternoon slump start to set in. The device focuses on isometric exercises, which are movements where you tense your muscles against a non-moving object — so think more barre workout and less treadmill sprints. You’ll definitely be challenged, but you won’t be pouring sweat if you decide to try this out in the office.

Lumo Run

2. Lumo Run ($99): Ever wonder how your form is looking during a run? It’s pretty hard to correct unless you have a coach running with you, but that’s essentially what Lumo has created with their new device. This handy product clips onto the back of your shorts or leggings so that when you go for a run it can take note of how you’re doing. It gives you personalized coaching through your headphones during your run and a full analysis via an app when you’ve finished. Pretty cool, right?


3. Ripple ($129 for device and one year of service): This small square is like a “wearable support network,” according to the brand. How does it work? Well, the idea is that you wear this discreet device when you’re doing something alone, like heading out for a jog in your neighborhood or walking home from the bus or metro. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, click it once and their support team will immediately call your cell phone. Click it three times and they automatically send your location and information to your emergency service of choice. It might sound extreme, but if you find yourself in a sticky situation, this is way easier than reaching for your phone. This product is so new that it won’t start shipping until April, but you can pre-order it now.


4. Aaptiv ($10 per month): Sometimes it’s tough to know what to do at the gym for the best results, and personal trainers can cost major cash. Aaptiv is an app with pre-created coached workouts in everything from treadmill runs to bodyweight training right through your headphones. Personal trainers coach you through the moves and you can send questions to them through the app. There are various skill and intensity levels, as well as workouts as short as 20 minutes to as long as an hour. There are even workouts you can do at home without any gym equipment for when you don’t feel like venturing out.


5. The Dash ($299): Wireless headphones are a must-have for gym junkies. There’s nothing like having your tunes without having to deal with the wires that come along with regular headphones. But what if you didn’t need to have your phone on you at all to listen to your workout playlist? These babies store up to 4GB of music, meaning you’ll have tons of options at the ready. Plus, there’s a built-in fitness tracker inside that coordinates with an app.

HyperFocal: 0

6. The Plane ($189): After getting super excited about standing desks, we now know that it’s actually being still — whether you’re sitting or standing — that’s bad for you. The Plane makes sitting or standing at your desk way healthier. You’ve probably seen people zooming around on hover boards, but this take on that trend is totally practical. The plane can be used at home or at the office when you’re sitting at your desk (or standing) to engage your core and keep your body moving while you get your work done. The brand also recommends standing on it while watching TV or browsing the web to get the most out of your screen time.


7. Physiclo ($110-$125): What if your workout clothes could actually make the exercises you’re doing harder? These leggings were created with that concept in mind, and they actually have built-in resistance. Basically, these are designed to help you get the best workout possible in the shortest amount of time, giving you some extra bang for your workout buck. With resistance bands that are placed strategically throughout each garment, you’re definitely going to feel those squats the next day.

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