Are you feeling a little under-motivated at your workspace? Or maybe you’re searching for some much-needed office decor inspo because you’re about to give your beautiful home office an entirely new look. Whatever the case may be, we get you. There is so much work to do and such little time to get it done, so don’t waste your efforts in a workspace that’s uninspiring and dull. Since you spend long hours in front of a computer, it’s time to make your office as cool and pretty as your Instagram feed. Let’s take a peek at the 21 best workspace decor we’ve spotted on Instagram, and get ready to make your own desk double-tap worthy.

1. Bright + White: By adding personalized and unique touches to your office, you can create a look that’s sure to keep you feeling inspired and motivated. For this blogger, adding inspirational quotes and typography planters are what make her feel at home in her studio office.

2. Pretty Patterns Galore: Check out this Colorado home office, which adds both work and play elements into the decor. This blogger explains how essential it is to have fun while working — so make sure to always try to have fun and stay positive when you’re in your workspace by adding bright colors and striking patterns.

3. Collage FTW: Believe it or not, this is actually an office nook built inside of an old closet. So even if you don’t have enough space in your own home for an open office, you can do what this blogger did and transform extra storage space.

4. Chic Bunny: If you’re obsessed with a bouncy, furry creature, don’t be afraid to show this off throughout your decor. This blogger and her bunny-inspired office shows us that bunny ears never looked so chic.

5. Minimalist Fashion: Keep yourself inspired by showing off your hard work, like this graphic designer, who showcases her design pieces in two beautiful frames. By displaying your work front and center, you’ll remember all of the great things you have accomplished.

6. Natural Textures: Be sure to keep a plant (or two, or three) in your workspace. Not only will it remind you that there’s life outside your office, but it will also bring more oxygen into your work environment.

7. Washi Tape Photo Collage: A visually pleasing desk is essential to any person’s productivity. This office space shows us that filling your eyes with a soothing color palette and your belly with healthy snacks are key to a productive day.

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8. California Chic: This writer ensures her workspace is neat and tidy. But what makes her so effective is that she uses a desk that has multiple hidden storage features to rid her space of clutter.

9. Clipboard Wall: Apparently #ShelfieSunday is a thing. We can’t hate on this hashtag because it keeps this interior designer organized and structured. And by using open shelving, all of her essentials are within arm’s reach.

10. Modern + Minimalist: As a product stylist, this office chica requires her desk space to host only a few key essentials, pulling off the uncluttered desk/uncluttered mind strategy. Her favorite desk accessory is her morning cup of coffee, of course.

11. Gilded Gear: This room has been pinned over 100k times on Pinterest and has been featured in J14 magazine. This back-to-school mom owes it all to her gold and polka dot obsession.

12. Cubby Zone: You can always expect this blogger to fill her space with books, inspirational quotes and nail polish. Her desk decorating ideas don’t exactly have a traditional look, and that’s what makes her office so unique.

13. Preppy + Girly: This blogger shares eight tips for structuring your workspace for a more functional work day. Key takeaways include metal accents, lumbar support (featuring an adorable pillow) and a well-organized planner.

14. Boho-Chic Neutrals: Gold and white go together like peanut butter and jelly. “Fancy things” is right — this is a timeless look for a chic office. It’s beautifully accessorized with pink accents, statement seating and cute trash bins.

15. World Traveler: Just because your desk is cluttered, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. Surrounding yourself with bits of inspo could give the spark of creativity you need. This travel blogger keeps her essentials in eyesight, and that’s what helps her to be successful each day.

16. *All* the Typography: There’s a ton of personality on this desk, thanks to a carefully curated paper weight and lots of uplifting typography. Inspiration? Check. Fabulous artwork? Double check.

17. Window Views: This photographer’s mid-century modern home is ideal. With light accents and greenery throughout, it’s no wonder her simplistic office inspires her to edit photos day in and day out.

18. Industrial: An excellent way to keep yourself organized and well put-together is by maximizing your storage decor and shelving space. This home office does just that.

19. Pops of Color: If you have some perfectly good frames, but they just feel a little dull, you can immediately brighten up your office with some bold printable artwork. And we wouldn’t have thought to add balloons to our desk decor, but they keep the work mood light — you can’t help but smile when you see them!

20. Palms + Plants: Sometimes it’s better to let nature do the talking. Wood decor pieces like these can make a statement when it comes to bringing life into your office environment.

21. Corner Office: Great lighting can make a difference when it comes to your work productivity. If you’re dreaming of open lighting and sleek desk accessories, this office inspiration is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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