Bloggers are our go-to resource for all things trendy. Where would we be without their fashion tips, home office hacks, organizational methods, home tours and, of course, their exclusive retail discount codes? Lost! That鈥檚 where we鈥檇 be. Since the role of a blogger requires long hours in front of a computer, a blogger鈥檚 office is typically as pretty as their Instagram feed and Pinterest boards. Let鈥檚 take a peek at some of their beautiful home offices and versatile desk essentials 鈥 they might just inspire you to do a little redecorating of your own!


1. A Beautiful Mess: Two sisters, Elsie and Emma, are the founders of lifestyle, DIY and home decor inspiration blog A Beautiful Mess. (The blog is also known by the popular hashtag #mybeautifulmess.) These smart siblings have the perfect office for any at-home worker bee. Not only is their workspace beautiful, practical and minimal, but it鈥檚 also equipped with a functional coffee bar. (Photos via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Design Love Fest: Bri Emery is the head creative over at this popular blog for DIY, lifestyle, home entertaining and more. Bri was kind enough to blog about her California office makeover, complete with stylish yet functional tweed chairs, Mac computers, lively plants, zippy printed rugs and tons of fun wall art. (Photos via Design Love Fest)


3. Vandi Fair: Meet Lauren Vandiver Green, the oh-so-colorful Dallas lifestyle/fashion blogger behind Vandi Fair who has a hint of pixie dust running through her veins. If color, pattern pops, gold accents and Disney prints are your idea of home office heaven, then Lauren鈥檚 blogger office tour is right up your alley. (Photo via Vandi Fair)

4. Emily Henderson: Aside from being a lifestyle blogger, Emily is a home design and home decorating guru. This is evident in her office makeover for creative director Jen Gotch. Jen鈥檚 new workspace is a one-of-a-kind pink-infused daydream. In particular, note the inspiration board 鈥 a key tool for creative thinking. (Photos via Kelsey Tucker / Emily Henderson)


5. Carrie Bradshaw Lied: Kathleen is the fancy Southern California blogger behind this blog, which focuses on fashion, lifestyle and travel. Kathleen鈥檚 office is a girly delight, complete with chic desk accessories, monogram wall art and a lucite chair. (Photos via Carrie Bradshaw Lied)


6. Aww, Sam: No doubt, the Brooklyn-based uber colorful Sam of Aww, Sam is a unique individual in the blogging realm as well as an Instagram superstar. You can always expect Sam to bring the unicorns, sprinkles, glitter, cheer and ice cream to her posts. Her desk decorating ideas don鈥檛 disappoint either. (Photos via Aww, Sam)


7. I Spy DIY: Jenni鈥檚 blog is just about as cute as its name. Plus, Jenni has DIY ideas for literally everything. This, along with Jenni鈥檚 cheerful disposition, makes her corner of the Internet an instant favorite among readers and DIY-ers alike. It鈥檚 no surprise that Jenni鈥檚 own office is as creative as her posts. The pops of color mixed with a quirky dalmatian print are *everything*. (Photos via I Spy DIY)

8. Lovely Indeed: Chelsea is the talented blogger behind this creative lifestyle blog, and her home office certainly keeps with the overall theme. It鈥檚 not only attractive but functional and family friendly. Besides her unique storage options, Chelsea鈥檚 desk essentials are, well, *lovely*! (Photos via Lovely Indeed)

9. Studio DIY: Kelly Mindell鈥檚 super creative blog is a go-to for creatives at heart. Her knockout DIY ideas, party decor and fantastical foods are always trending online. Of course, the Studio DIY headquarters shares her whimsical aesthetic. As you can imagine, there is never a lack of inspiration (or storage space) at her office. (Photos via Studio DIY)


10. Sugar and Cloth: This blog is like a delicious vanilla cupcake decorated with multicolored sprinkles placed inside a tinsel cupcake wrapper. Created back in 2011 by Ashley Rose, this little beauty has grown to inspire all those who stumble upon it. Even the office鈥檚 desk accessories reflect the blog鈥檚 timeless, chic and darling vibes. Would you expect anything less? (Photos via Sugar and Cloth)

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